167 Jamaican teachers quit in the last two months

Jamaican Education Minister Fayval Williams said 167 teachers have migrated by resigning from their jobs in the local school system in the past two months.

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) has warned the country to prepare for a teacher exodus this year, citing more than 400 teachers who have already left the island for lucrative job opportunities in the United States. .

During a Monday press conference, Williams explained the grim reality ahead of the new school year. “Of course we are still getting information from our head teachers and so that number (167) could change as we move into late August and into September. The new school year begins on September 5 and even until then there may be resignations,” Williams said.

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She said that while the numbers are worrying, the problem is under control, noting that the ministry has put in place many strategies to mitigate the effects of mass migration.

Williams also informed that 964 newly graduated specialist teachers are now eligible to work in the national school system.

“Looking at our 2022 teacher education graduates by specialization, I see accounting majors, biology teachers, chemistry teachers, computer science teachers, business education teachers, I see 111 education teachers from early childhood. We have some 29 double majors in English, we have 140 double majors in math…we also have PE teachers,” Williams said.

She added: ‘We are seeing primary school teachers, 259 of them and we are seeing social studies, Spanish, French for a total of 964 specialist teachers who would have graduated from our teacher training institutions this year and I am sure many of these would make appointments at our schools.

Fayval Williams said 121 of the 964 instructors currently available to enter the government education system are tied for five years after completing their education under the ministry’s special scholarship scheme. They should start working in the next academic year.

She further revealed that among these teachers were 67 math teachers, 32 physics and chemistry teachers and 17 with a specialization in industrial education.

According to Williams, under the bilateral Jamaica/Cuba program, 70 teachers are currently available. She said there is a framework agreement with the Cuban government under which they will integrate these teachers into the system.

She also said that only instructors who retired from January 2018 can be sought to fill vacancies caused by migration, in addition to the more than 900 teachers who are expected to enter the school system for the school year. 2022.

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