4 Proactive Blockchain Protocols in Supporting Kenyan Developers

Kenya is one of the most excited about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Africa. In fact, a recent report by Chainalysis revealed that the country leads the world in popular crypto adoption.

In terms of organizations developing innovative ideas that leverage blockchain technologies, Kenya is home to several, including:

  • Utu Technologies
  • Pay Kotani
  • Pezesha
  • PesaBaseComment

However, a challenge facing the development of blockchain and crypto on the continent is the lack of talent and skills. In this regard, some of the leading blockchain companies are now playing a bigger role in nurturing and nurturing talent in Africa.


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Here are the main blockchain technologies supporting Kenyan developers:


Celo builds financial solutions on its blockchain, with a mobile-first approach. The idea behind this approach is to ensure that the financial benefits that arise from blockchain technology can reach the millions of people around the world who are poor and cannot access the best technological devices.

As part of its approach, the organization, through the Celo Foundation, has spearheaded several initiatives to nurture talent in Kenya.

More recently, Celo partnered with the World Food Program (WFP) and Corsali, a machine learning company, to launch what is described as Kenya’s first crypto learning center.

The program has already trained 200 young people to access digital works from global platforms using their smartphones. It aims to reach and train at least 400 people from remote areas by March 2022.

Blockchain has also been at the forefront of awarding grants to support developers in Kenya:


In 2020, Binance claims to have successfully trained over 70,000 Africans in the fundamentals of crypto, practical tutorials on how to create an account – and how to buy and sell crypto, technical analysis and trading of crypto.

In June, Binance announced that it was spending $1 million to train up to 1,000 African developers with the right tool skills to create their first DApps on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, all during the first quarter 2021.


Cardano is one of the blockchain organizations that is aware of the potential of blockchain technology in Africa.

Input Output, the parent organization of Cardano, has launched a six million dollar (USD) blockchain fund in Africa, to invest in the most innovative blockchain projects that build on Cardano in Africa.

EMURGO, one of the founders of Cardano, also launched EMURGO Africa in Kenya, which has launched a $100 million allocation for a dedicated investment and incubation program.

EMURGO Africa will first target pre-seed blockchain startups with a market capitalization of $20 million or less, then early-stage startups, with a focus on startup communities in Kenya, Nigeria, Africa South and Egypt, before spreading across Africa.

EMURGO Africa’s investments will focus on blockchain sectors such as DeFi and NFT, and emerging technologies such as AI, fintech, edutech, agritech and healthcare.

Stellar Blockchain

Stellar Foundation is another protocol that focuses on Africa.

In July 2021, Stellar Foundation, alongside DFS Lab, launched an open call for a blockchain bootcamp for African startups. The call targets early to mid-stage startups and will be an opportunity to build projects on the Stellar blockchain.

The organization also carried out this round table between fintech leaders in Africa:

The 3-day design bootcamp would provide participating startups with hands-on technical support and guidance from the DFS and Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) teams.


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