A new free public Wi-Fi network goes live in the city of Peterborough in the UK

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) today announced the launch of a free public Wi-Fi network in the streets and open spaces of Peterborough city center to support local businesses, keep residents connected and enable buyers and visitors to make the most of the Region.

Local project Connecting Cambridgeshire has been working to improve public Wi-Fi across the county since 2018, as part of its digital strategy (here), and the town is the latest to benefit. The new wireless broadband network can be found in various parts of the city centre, such as Bridge Street, Broadway, Cathedral Square, Long Causeway and Westgate.

The network is also widely available in public buildings, libraries and leisure centers across the county, as well as a growing number of town centres, open spaces, park-and-rides and village halls across Cambridgeshire. , so that more people can connect for free.

CPCA Mayor Dr. Nik Johnson said:

“One of the primary goals of the Combined Authority is to improve lives throughout our county, fostering community-centered growth that is beneficial and can be relied upon in the future.

By funding the deployment of CambWifi in the streets and open spaces of downtown Peterborough, we are helping Peterborough shout the message that it is open for business. We help local merchants connect with today’s technology and share a huge social benefit that contributes to a better connected community with more engagement between residents, visitors and local merchants.

It also gives Peterborough residents more freedom, providing free internet access on the go. It’s something for everyone, whether for professional or social reasons. And it’s especially beneficial for Peterborough residents who don’t yet have internet at home.

Locals who want to try can just log on to ‘CambWifi_Public‘ SSID through your device’s Wi-Fi settings, then accept the Terms, click “Connect” and start browsing. Users will then be automatically connected to free internet access at all CambWifi locations in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, assuming they are using the same device.

But nowadays, most people tend to prefer using mobile broadband on their own smartphone rather than public WiFi.

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