Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Ranovus Introduce Co-Packaged Optical Platform with Xilinx Versal and Ranovus Odin 800 Gbps CPO 2.0

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Ranovus Inc. (“RANOVUS”) today announced a demonstration of co-packaged optics using a Xilinx Versal ACAP and Ranovus Odin™ 800 Gbps CPO 2.0. Joint demonstration between Ranovus and AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) at OFC 2022, North America’s premier optical networking event, highlights the arrival of the CPO 2.0 solution for AI/ML platforms that require energy efficiency, high throughput and high optical interconnect density.

RANOVUS’ Odin™ is a low-latency, high-density, protocol-independent optical engine that delivers massive optical interconnect bandwidth with industry-leading cost and power efficiency. Odin scales from 800 Gbps to 3.2 Tbps in the same footprint by leveraging Ranovus’ monolithic 100 Gbps per lambda electrophotonic integrated circuit (EPIC) IP, laser platform, and advanced packaging technologies.

“We announced our Odin™ Analog Drive CPO 2.0 Platform at OFC 2021 for switch and Ethernet module applications and are excited to introduce our platform with a Versal ACAP for ML/AI workloads,” said Hamid Arabzadeh, CEO of RANOVUS. “We have been at the forefront of the CPO movement since 2018 and are excited to share our multidisciplinary IP cores with our customers who want to accelerate the adoption of Analog Drive CPO in data centers.”

CPO is an innovative approach that provides Nx100 Gbps PAM4 optical I/O channels for the Ethernet switch and ML/AI silicon in a single package, significantly reducing the cost and power consumption of the complete system .

Versal is the industry’s first Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP). Versatile ACAPs deliver unmatched value at the application and system level for cloud, network, and edge applications. By integrating optics into the case using Versal Premium ACAPs, AMD and Ranovus are able to significantly reduce power consumption, simplify board routing and reduce costs.

“We are proud of our collaboration with Ranovus which has enabled us to achieve record levels of performance while reducing power consumption and the overall footprint of the complete solution,” said Dan Mansur, vice president, Adaptable and Embedded Computing. Group, AMD (formerly Xilinx). “This CPO demo highlights the versatility of the Versal GTM SERDES to operate on everything from long throw copper to directly driving the Ranovus Analog-Drive CPO 2.0 optical engine. Ranovus Odin™ co-packaging with Xilinx Versal is a significant breakthrough that enables data center customers to build highly efficient and cost-effective systems for next-generation workloads.

RANOVUS and AMD will showcase this innovative approach to CPO at OFC 2022. Visit AMD booth 5711 and RANOVUS booth 5917.

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