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MAGI. began streaming the opening video on Friday for the Anonymous;Code Game. Video Features Kanako ItōThe opening theme song for “Game Over”.

The game will be released on July 28 for nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

MAGI. President Chiyomaru Shikura had teased in October 2020 that the game might have a release for the PlayStation 5, but currently the game will only be released on Switch and PS4.

The game was originally planned for PS4 and PlayStation Quick, but MAGI. announced in 2017 that the game will also be released for nintendo Light switch. MAGI. will no longer be releasing the game on PS Vita.

The story of the game begins on February 6, 2036 at 06:28:15, when New York, London, Shanghai, Moscow and Shinjuku in Tokyo are destroyed. This is due to a problem in 2036 when computer timing algorithms overflow, causing defense systems and military satellites to target these major cities.

Because an even bigger problem is expected to occur in 2038, the supercomputer Gaia creates an alternate Earth using its Earth simulation program. This simulated Earth confirms what would happen in 2038. However, even though no humans were born in this simulation at first, when a message from Arecibo was sent to the simulation Earth, humanity saw the day.

Although the researchers were thrilled, the people inside the Earth Simulator also created their own supercomputer, and an Earth Simulator now exists inside the Earth Simulator. Researchers are now questioning their own existence.

The game’s protagonist is a hacker named Poron Takaoka, and the game takes place in the advanced information society that sprung up in Tokyo’s Nakano district in the year 2037. According to Shikura, the player can “loop around” , thanks to the protagonist’s ability called “Save load.” With this ability, he hacks God to make loopback possible. Through an encounter with a mysterious and unknown girl named Momo, he comes face to face with the truth of the “Earth Simulator” that makes the world work.

The game is the last”Scientific Adventure“game after the Chaos ; HEAD, Steins;Door, Robotics;Remarks, Chaos;Childand Occult; Nine projects. Shikura originally announced the game in 2015, and the game experienced several delays in release.

Sources: MAGI.Youtube channel, MoCa News

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