Arcadia is relevant to the Catholic network

Relevant Radio puts Burk to work in its network operations center

Posted: June 15, 2022

Each month, Radio World’s Buyer’s Guide section reviews new products in a specific category. This month we look at applications for radio technology.

Relevant Radio has recently started using Burk’s Arcadia to collect all the remote controls for his station in one place.

“Arcadia is giving our remote engineers direct access to all of their locations through their mobile devices and will be very beneficial as we continue to grow and staff our network operations center,” said Andy Disterhaft, Senior Director of Engineering /station operations.

Andy Disterhaft with a rack containing a Burk ARC Plus Touch remote control system. He is holding his smartphone displaying an Arcadia Matrix view.

Relevant Radio is a Catholic network of 195 U.S. owned-and-operated and affiliated stations, as well as a global streaming presence and mobile app.

Disterhaft said Arcadia has attractive features in today’s world of security and personnel.

“Each user gets their own username and password to access the system. This allows each user or group to be assigned different privileges,” he said.

“You may want a user to only have observer access, or you may give that user the ability to execute certain commands but not others. All of this is within Arcadia’s capabilities. If a personnel change occurs, it’s as easy as changing a user on the Arcadia server, rather than potentially having to change each site’s username and password.

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Arcadia’s mobile interface allows Relevant Radio to create critical views for groups of sites or individual stations. These views present the most important monitoring and control channels for each site in a graphical format that can be used on staff mobile phones and tablets.

“Another big advantage is the use of Arcadia NOC software to connect our network operations center to all sites via a single server. Even with a powerful computer, connecting each NOC workstation to more than 70 sites would use significant computing and communication resources and would take some time to connect all of them.With the Arcadia NOC software, all of these connections are sent over a single stream of data from the Arcadia server, putting the load on the server to make most of the work.

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