Artjail appoints Matt Greenwood Design Creative Director

Boutique studio based in New York and Toronto Art prison strengthens its creative team for another busy year. Matt Greenwood has been appointed Creative Director of Design, with Jonathan Lee and Weichieh Yu on board as CG managers. The three new recruits will be based in the New York studio, but will participate in selected projects in Toronto. The hires were announced by Artjail’s Managing Director and EP, John Skeffington, and Founder and Creative Director Steve Mottershead.

“We’ve always offered design services, but Matt is the first CD we’ve brought in to lead the design team,” Skeffington noted. “He has a well-rounded skill set, a strong eye and great leadership abilities. We see him playing an important role in the future development and growth of the department.

Greenwood, who was most recently with Nice Shoes, has contributed to several key Artjail projects, including spots for Doritos, directed by Henry Schofield of Reset, and Peloton, directed by Los Perez via Caviar.

“Having an artist of his caliber allows us to confidently undertake more complex design work and allows us to expand our creative abilities,” added Skeffington.

“I knew Matt’s work and reputation in the industry and was looking forward to joining our growing team,” said Mottershead. “He’s one of those rare talents who is not just an amazing artist, but an even better person. Her calm demeanor and confident artistry put the team and clients at ease knowing they are in good hands. We are extremely excited to grow our design department around such incredible talent.

“I am honored to be named Creative Director for Design and Motion Graphics,” said Greenwood. “Their work is first-rate, with a high level of precision and sophistication that shines through. I love the idea of ​​helping to develop and grow the motion design side of the studio, and I’m excited about the prospect of contributing to their amazing work.

New CG managers Lee and Yu have worked in both employee and freelance roles for top animation houses and VFX. Collectively, their resumes include stints with The Mill, Psyop, Framestore, Taylor James, Buck, and Zoic. Lee taught computer art at the School of Visual Arts in New York; Yu’s hiring marks his return to Artjail, where he was freelance in the past.

“It was an easy decision to add Jonathan and Weichieh,” commented Arthail 3D manager Ross Denner. “Both have over 10 years of experience in the best studios in the industry and have won numerous awards. They are incredibly talented and accomplished artists / leaders, but more importantly, they come with personalities that complement the culture of Artjail. They add new dimensions and perspectives to our skills, not only in pixel production, but also in mentoring, leadership and talent development.

Lee says he is happy to join the team and looks forward to “building a relationship within a team that will result in a better workflow while having the chance to explore new techniques on future projects”.

“What makes Artjail unique and special are its people,” he added. “They make all the difference.

Yu says he is eager to take on a heavier load as a staff member compared to a freelance writer. “It allows you to take on greater responsibilities and you can see things in a broader perspective,” he noted. “As an artist, I like the challenges that this presents. I think I will be able to express my creativity more within a team here at Artjail. I will feel more at home.

“What we do at Artjail is create a highly focused and extremely talented CG department that can adapt to the demands of the job and grow and contract when needed,” explained Denner. “Jonathan and Weichieh’s experience fits perfectly with this philosophy. Working in large companies, they have been exposed to a wide range of jobs of varying complexity and have held different roles within these teams. All of this, combined with the existing senior staff at Artjail, will make it a very agile and dynamic environment. “

Source: Artjail

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is Associate Editor-in-Chief at Animation World Network.

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