Best Facebook tips and tricks on Android devices in 2022

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About the best Facebook tips and tricks on Android devices

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. It’s the one-stop social networking site where most of us stay in touch, see what’s going on, and spend most of our time on our phones. As you continue to chat with your friends on Facebook, there are many special features on Facebook that you should try. These tips will improve your Facebook experience and make you a great user. They are integrated or may be authorized by a third-party application. You might find that browsing Facebook on the Android app isn’t that different from your desktop after all. If you find more addictive and hidden features, feel free to share them in the comments anytime.

Facebook, a social network that many people hate or hate and yet continue to use. To say that Facebook controls the social media scene would be an understatement. It is the social network with all its faults and excesses. Even if you don’t like it, Facebook is important because almost everyone is there, from big business and media to your favorite burger joint. Not to mention that all of your friends and family, or at least most of them, are also on Facebook. So, it is important to know some Facebook tips and tricks to use this popular social media app more effectively.

Check out the list of the best Facebook tips and tricks on Android devices

How to Create Your Facebook Profile Avatar

Facebook recently launched Profile Avatars on its platform. It’s a great way to generate your personalized cartoon avatar on Facebook. You can use these avatars on your profile picture, as a sticker on your posts and comments, and in Messenger chats. Isn’t it wonderful?

It is implemented globally. You can check in the Facebook app whether or not it has this feature. We have an article dedicated to Facebook profile avatars where we write the step-by-step guide to create your own Facebook profile avatar.

Disable all message notifications

There may be a time when you don’t want to receive message notifications from any of your Facebook friends, maybe at work or at home. Well, you actually have the option to mute notifications from any of your friends and you won’t get notifications for their messages unless you mute them. Follow these steps to disable message notifications.

  • Open the Facebook app > Messages.
  • Tap the friend whose future notifications you want to turn off.
  • Tap the nation icon in the top right and choose Dismiss Notifications.

video autoplay

Facebook really wants to build a video platform that can compete with YouTube. The company does this by automatically playing videos in the Facebook app as soon as you scroll through them to increase views. It can also come in handy as several publishers have taken advantage of it to display videos meant for silent viewing.

However, playing videos means spending a lot of data. If you have limited resources, you might want to check it out. To do this, go to the menu, scroll down and tap on Data saver. Turn it on, then turn off the second switch if you never want a video to autoplay.

Download your Facebook data

With so much of our lives glued to Facebook, many of us feel forever locked in fear of losing that content. It doesn’t have to be like that. Facebook may email you a Zip file containing posts, photos and videos you’ve shared, messages and chats, information from your profile’s About section, and more.

Simply click the downward triangle at the top right of the page and choose Settings. In the General tab, click on the link “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. Finally, on the next page, click on “Start my archive”.

Hide your activity from your friends

Your activity log lets you review and manage what you share on Facebook. For example, if you become friends with someone new, you can access your activity log and hide the public story about how you became friends with that person, among other things. Only you can see your activity log, but stories in your activity log may appear on your timeline, in search, or in your friends’ feed.

  • To view your Activity Log, click the down arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook menu bar on the web, then select Activity Log.
  • On iOS and Android, click the three-dot button next to Add Story/Create Story, then go to your Activity Log.

Enable two-step authentication

If you think it’s not secure enough to use your username and password to log in to your Facebook account, don’t worry because Facebook has the option to enable two-step authentication for more of security. So, every time you log into Facebook, you will be asked to enter a code that you can save beforehand, or you can also get it from the Facebook application. To activate this you need a mobile device.

  • Open the Facebook app > Navicon icon on the right side.
  • Scroll down and find Account Settings, then tap on it to open it.
  • Tap Security > Login Permissions Enabled.
  • Tap Start Setup and enter your phone number, then tap Continue.
  • Once you receive the confirmation code, enter it in the empty box and press Continue.
  • Choose to name your current browser or check No thanks, ask for a code now to ask for a code each time you log in. Touch close and you’re done.

Find free or paid Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi? Well, whether you’re traveling and have limited internet access or want a quiet space with good Wi-Fi to do your office work, find free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots with the Facebook app.

Here’s how you can do it: Click the Hamberger menu in the Facebook app, then search “Find Wi-Fi”, now provide location access and Facebook will list all local Wi-Fi hotspots with your page and directions on the map.

Completely turn off notifications

Some people prefer not to receive any notifications from Facebook when they are on mobile. Maybe they just prefer accessing it from their desktop, or probably because constantly receiving notifications eats up a lot of their device’s battery life. Either way, if you want to completely disable notifications, we have the steps here for you.

  • Open the Facebook app > Tap on the menu on your Android device and select Settings.
  • Tap Notifications to uncheck it.

Check your Facebook usage

Smartphone addiction is a reality these days and several big names in the market have offered their solutions to combat it. Google introduced Digital Wellbeing on Android, Apple did something similar with iOS and not wanting to be left behind, Facebook now also allows users to see how much time they spend on the social network.

It’s not entirely revealing, as it doesn’t really tell you how much time you spent doing exactly what. It pretty much tells you what your Android or iOS device will tell you anyway, except it also takes into account your Facebook usage across devices.

Call using toll free

You can make free voice calls to any of your Facebook contacts, as long as they have the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger installed on their smartphone. The free call feature depends on your data connection, so both you and your friend must be online to use it. To call your Facebook contact using free calling, follow these steps.

  • Open the Facebook app > Tap the Messenger icon in the top right to open Messenger.
  • Open any of your contacts and you’ll be in a chat room.
  • Tap the Navicon icon in the top right and choose Free Call from the menu.

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