Bethesda launcher retired as company returns to Steam

Bethesda announced that it will remove its own launcher as a source of access to all its games via PC in April. The company threw away its cards and probably admitted it was a waste of time when those efforts could be placed elsewhere (like working on Elder Scrolls 6 – oh, my hopes shattered).

A launcher is something you install on your computer to access a game library and/or store that can be purchased, downloaded, and/or managed through it. The most common are names like Steam, GOG, Epic, and Blizzard.

Every company seems to think they need to have their own launcher for their games now, and that’s starting to pollute things a bit. The next thing you know, gamers have 5-8 launchers installed on their system. Kind of like nightclubs in Vegas. A casino sets up a night club and it becomes a success. Next thing you know, every casino has one and now you are inundated with options.

Fortunately, Bethesda thinks it’s time to ditch the idea and return to Steam. A move that will happen in April, when the company will provide its instructions on how to migrate their purchased titles to a Steam wallet (account).

Users will continue to have access to their games through the launcher until May. After which, they will only be available through the Steam launcher. A better choice because it brings a bigger selection of games in one place (and one less thing running in the background of your computer).

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