BlackBerry devices officially end | End of key services and network provisions on January 4, 2022

BlackBerry used to be a dominant company in the field of smart mobile devices, but now it looks like it’s coming to an end. On January 4, 2022, phones will no longer benefit from provisioning services, which means that they will gradually no longer be able to join networks, even including the cellular network.

The history of the legendary BlackBerry

According to the ArsTechnica story, BlackBerry was known as a high-end smartphone running on its own BlackBerry servers, providing its users with a high level of security and control.

In the early days of smartphones, there were a lot of BlackBerry Android spin-offs as opposed to iPhone spin-offs. Unlike Android developers, BlackBerry’s leadership was taken aback by the popularity of the iPhone.

The rise of Android and Apple devices

It has pushed aside onscreen keyboards and even capitalized on its stranglehold on business services to maintain its market. To add, it has taken over a year since the iPhone’s release for the company to launch its own touchscreen, with its software remaining a “clunky” combination of old and new for a significant amount of time.

Meanwhile, business users started to like using Apple and Android phones, forcing their IT departments to support them. To grow, BlackBerry eventually ditched its phones and started releasing versions of Android before pulling out of the hardware business altogether.

The last version of BlackBerry OS dates from 2013

The latest version of BlackBerry OS was released in 2013, which means the affected devices are now considered extremely old. It only means that the promised assistance period ended over a year ago.

The entire end of support effect is detailed on an FAQ page hosted by the former device maker. Additionally, the company will not send provisioning updates to devices.

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BlackBerry features that will stop working

Provisioning information gives details of how certain devices should establish connections with other types of network equipment, including Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks. Therefore, at some point in the future, network updates will not allow BlackBerry devices to connect to them.

BlackBerry notes that the devices will not be able to perform reliably when it comes to data, phone calls, 911 functionality, and even texting. Other than that, many software devices depend on connecting to BlackBerry servers in order to function.

According to the publication, if some users are still using devices like BlackBerry World or BlackBerry Link, they will stop working on January 4. To add, the number of people who will likely be affected by this is quite small.

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