Brit Hume: COVID alarmists had the wrong prescription, pandemic protocols caused ‘untold damage’

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Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume lambasted the political establishment for its “total failure” to realize the side effects of the COVID prevention measures it implemented in “Special Report.”

BRIT HUME: Early on, epidemiologists and other leading experts said that young people, especially young children, were almost invulnerable to this disease. [COVID]. Yet we closed schools and colleges for a very long time, we closed businesses, whether the people who worked in those businesses were young or old. All in the name of trying to prevent the spread of this disease and yet look how many people have died from it anyway. There has been a total failure across the board to carefully examine the side effects of the measures taken to control the disease, and the collateral damage has been terrible. I mean, we know it in educational terms, we know it in medical terms because people couldn’t get appointments. They couldn’t do regular health care, operations were postponed, cancer screenings weren’t done, the list goes on and on. Damage is only now counted. People are finally starting to see that we did wrong there.


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