Can these protocols give you financial freedom? Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Xchange Monster (MXCH)

The bitcoin alternative

Litecoin (LTC) was created in 2011 as an alternative to Bitcoin but with changes to the open-source code that Charles Lee says would make it a superior asset.

Whereas Litecoin has been a mainstay among the highest market cap coins and has undoubtedly been a success, few people think of Litecoin in the same vein as its larger cousin Bitcoin, and is often overlooked in the world of payments.

However, in recent years the service has seen an upsurge in acceptance with over 2,000 merchants and stores now accepting Litecoin. Additionally, companies such as non-banking, a blockchain-based fintech that offers crypto services, are using Litecoin as an on/off-ramp digital asset conversion before executing more traditional rail payments in banking systems and cryptocurrencies. payments.

The coin basically holds true utility as a payment processor and does so faster than Bitcoin. While the recent addition of the Lightning Network has helped Bitcoin overcome some of its shortcomings, particularly when it comes to microtransactions, Litecoin is a good hedge that companies will be looking for alternatives to. Bitcoin as adoption increases.

The potential for Bitcoin to slow down as a network due to its oversaturated blockchain is a real concern and that’s where Litecoin may see a surge in adoption. With increased adoption, a price increase will naturally occur and for those who believe in the protocol, a healthy return on investment.

Don’t sleep on Litecoin.

The Community Meme piece that is becoming more and more useful

Anyone trying to tell you that Dogecoin (DOGE) holds a strong fundamental value is probably misinformed. However, this does not mean that the coin has no value, far from it, in fact, the utility is from a strong community that comes together to help each other achieve financial freedom.

Community-led projects should not be underestimated and those that reject Dogecoin on the basis that it is a meme coin are probably as misinformed as those who believe in the fundamentals of Dogecoin. The beauty behind the project is that it doesn’t try to pretend to be something it isn’t. The call is the same. The call is part of a community, and the call breaks with the status quo.

This community has now led to Dogecoin being taken seriously, with merchants and outlets exploring the possibility of accepting DOGE as a payment gateway. AMC Entertainment for One allows merchandise to be purchased through DOGE, same with the Dallas Mavericks, and soon Tesla.

Community members consider the core value to be the community itself and that is exactly what the project was founded for. With such a strong community, people are not shocked to see Dogecoin continue to grow, prosper, and earn a lot of money along the way.

The gateway for the GameFi extension

A growing industry within the Challenge space lately has been expanding the GameFi industry. The GameFi Simply put, the industry gambles through the use of blockchain technology which enables economic incentives through in-game content or cryptocurrency as rewards.

The possibility of earning economic rewards by playing your favorite game is very attractive, however, there has been a disconnect between games and the world of Challenge and a lack of interconnectivity between gaming platforms.

It’s here that Monster Xchange (MXCH) has created a platform that will seamlessly connect the world of gaming with the world of decentralized finance. By using the Monster Wallet, users can consolidate all of their gaming assets into one place. Then, through Monster Pay, which is Xchange Monster’s payment gateway, users can interact with the world of Challenge and trade in-game assets on Monster Exchange.

This level of interoperability is revolutionary for the industry as users can trade assets across all gaming platforms through Xchange Monster’s native MXCH coin, which is currently in Phase 1 of its pre-sale, or users can trade their rewards against any other cryptocurrency listed on the exchange. Monster Xchange should have a plethora of forex trading pairs and options that will rival the most prominent exchanges in the market. Finally, if you decide to convert your income to fiat, you can do so. Monster pay will also act as an on/off ramp to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa, allowing simple deposits or withdrawals from your bank.

Of all the protocols mentioned in this article Monster Xchange has arguably the biggest advantage due to the utility it provides and the fact that the project is still in its early stages. As such, if you want to know more about them, you should either check out their website or read another article on Xchange Monster. here.

Monster Xchange (MXCH)


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