Cisco Enhances Security Portfolio to Protect Organizations Against Wide Range of Adversaries

Cisco announced new features in its security portfolio so teams can be more productive and protected wherever they work.

The end-to-end platform will protect users, devices, and applications in public clouds and private data centers, without public cloud lock-in.

“Security is no longer optional. It is essential to every major initiative an organization may have,” said jeetu patel, executive vice president and general manager of security and collaboration at Cisco. “We are committed to delivering greater value to our partners by continuing to drive innovation and facilitating business relationships with Cisco. Partners can obtain key products and then expand across the Cisco Secure portfolio to increase profitability while enabling customers to securely achieve their digital transformation goals.

zero trust

Duo passwordless authentication is now available for all customers to protect single sign-on (SSO) applications. Users can log in without a password using biometrics (Windows Hello and Mac touch ID) and security keys. Cisco is also adding the Duo Mobile app as a new passwordless authentication option. This will simplify implementation and reduce total cost of ownership for customers, while better meeting the needs of all end users as global adoption of biometrics stalls after several years of strong growth. Among Duo customers, biometrics were enabled on 81% of mobile devices.

The findings are taken from Cisco’s Duo Trusted Access 2022 report, also released today. The annual study is based on approximately 1.1 billion monthly global authentications, a 38% year-over-year increase, across more than 49 million devices and 490,000 unique apps.

“Passwordless authentication reduces the risk of phishing attacks and their ability to use stolen passwords or, as we’ve seen more recently, MFA fatigue,” said David Lewis, Global Advisory CISO at Cisco. “As cyberattacks continue to move closer to end users, there is a huge opportunity to adopt low-friction authentication methods that ensure only trusted users and devices have access to enterprise applications and resources. company.”

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The employees return to the office. Among Duo customers, remote access authentications have declined since their peak in 2020, reaching levels below pre-pandemic levels in 2022. As hybrid working becomes the new normal, organizations demand high-performance network security without increasing costs.

To better meet customer needs, Cisco is introducing the newest addition to the Secure Firewall 3100 Series, the first firewalls purpose-built for hybrid working. ​Secure Firewall 3105 expands branch office scaling options at a price point accessible to more organizations. It enables hybrid workers to support more remote users and increases VPN speed and performance by 17x.

Originally launched in the United States, Cisco Capital now offers Cisco Lifecycle Pay for Secure Firewall, a fixed-term subscription payment solution from Cisco Capital, to provide financial incentive and reduce total cost of use without the burden of property. Customers are eligible to receive a 10% replacement bonus when returning existing firewall hardware and upgrading to the latest qualifying firewall technology from Cisco. Cisco Capital offers a global suite of segment- and architecture-agnostic payment solutions that enable partners to better support their customers and meet their purchasing preferences.

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As critical resources are moved to the cloud, customers worry about data vulnerability. The challenge is only growing, as authentications to cloud applications increased by 24% in 2022. Data must be protected, not only from the risk of malicious actors, but also from unintended problems caused by inexperienced users.

To achieve this, Cisco is enhancing Umbrella with stronger data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, including unified policies and reporting via API-based out-of-band DLP and real-time inline DLP, which that makes management easier for security teams.

Umbrella is a fundamental component of Cisco+ Secure Connect, Cisco’s unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution. Highlighting their capabilities with integrated network and security architecture, partners can now earn the SASE specialization to help customers securely enable cloud development and deployment, remote work, and IT. peak.

“The breadth and depth of Cisco’s security portfolio provides our customers with resilience in the wake of an ever-changing threat landscape, enabling us to drive more value with a strategic and comprehensive approach,” said Stephanie HagopianVice President of Security Solutions, CDW.

“Password management is a tough proposition for many businesses, especially in light of BYOD and the ever-increasing sophistication of phishing schemes. Cisco aims to simplify the process with its Duo passwordless authentication that offers out-of-the-box integrations with popular single sign-on solutions,” said Will Townsend, vice president and principal analyst, network and security, Moor Insights & Strategy.

“Cisco Duo simplifies the passwordless journey for organizations that want to implement phishing-resistant authentication and adopt a Zero Trust security strategy,” said Jack PollerSenior Analyst, ESG.

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