Cisco Partners with JupiterOne for Cloud Security Platform

JupiterOne and Cisco announcement Monday, an expanded cloud security and security operations partnership designed to deliver a range of cybersecurity services to businesses.

Cisco Cloud Security Insights with JupiterOne hopes to provide businesses with greater visibility into all of their cyber assets, ways to identify security and compliance gaps, and ways to expedite investigations as well as responses to issues.

Al Huger, senior vice president of Cisco Security Platform and Response, told ZDNet that more than ever, as hybrid work takes hold, security teams need visibility into their applications, whether they are hosted in the public cloud, in a private cloud or in a private data center.

“Cisco Secure Cloud Insights with JupiterOne provides in-depth context on the security posture in an organization’s hybrid and cloud-native IT environments,” Huger explained. “Combined with SecureX, Secure Cloud Insights simplifies the protection of users, devices, data and applications anywhere and anywhere, on any network or cloud; from the head office to the branch via the home office. “

Both companies said Secure Cloud Insights would bring “comprehensive public cloud inventory and information, relationship mapping to navigate cloud-based entities and entitlements, and security compliance reporting.” .

Cisco executives said the company has seen organizations struggle with IT expansion and face visibility issues with their cyber assets.

Businesses will be able to track and standardize data in multi-cloud and hybrid environments using Cloud Insights.



“Cisco benefited from this first hand when it deployed JupiterOne to monitor its public cloud footprint earlier this year. Cloud Insights provides a knowledge graph of consolidated metadata about the configurations, access policies, settings, tags, rules, and more that govern the interaction. between entities, ”they said in a statement.

“Entities include users, roles, groups, policies, databases, data stores, devices, code repositories, storage compartments (eg AWS S3), cloud compute instances (for example AWS EC2), containers, functions, etc. APIs ingest this data from around fifty pre-built integrations spanning public cloud environments, vulnerability scanners, endpoint protection and network security tools, development and code repositories, identity providers , etc. Custom integrations are also supported using SDKs and webhooks.

The platform comes with a search function that “matches over 550 predefined queries, with the ability to create custom queries”.

“Secure Cloud Insights with JupiterOne is a new game-changing offering. The integration of the JupiterOne cyber asset context with Cisco technologies provides a deep knowledge base to support customer cybersecurity programs, ”said Erkang Zheng, Founder and CEO of JupiterOne.

“In addition, the increase in SecureX, Secure Code Analytics and the rest of the Cisco security suite improves customer capabilities.

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