Connexin launches the deployment of a 10 Gbit / s broadband network in Hull, UK

UK ISP Connexin, which confirmed a few months ago (here) that it would invest £ 80million to end the “broadband monopoly»In Hull and in East Yorkshire by building their own FTTP (Fiber-to-the-Premises) network capable of 10 Gbit / s, this week achieved a key milestone with the installation of its first street cabinet .

The supplier, who until now has tended to focus more on Fixed wireless access (FWA), works in collaboration with Modini SA, a program delivery company specializing in complex programs, on this deployment, and the construction of the network is being undertaken by SCD Group.

The fact that their first cabinet is now installed is an important development because, according to Connexin, this “means residents are only a few days away ” to be able to connect to another fiber optic network – one that is not provided by KCOM, for a change. All of this would be in line with the provider’s earlier goal of starting to connect its first homes by the end of 2021.

Unfortunately, the ad does not specifically say where the new cabinet has been built (it is in “East of the hull”Somewhere), and we’re still a bit unclear on the operator’s deployment plan and schedule for their construction in Hull. On top of that, they have yet to release details on their home plans, although we would expect them to be positioned competitively against KCOM.

Connexin CTO Will Kebbell said:

“It’s fantastic to see how quickly our team is progressing with the Fiber version. Having built our metro system earlier in the year, installing our cabinets represents the start of a real change in the city. This means that people are now days away from having access to genuine choice of broadband in Hull.

2022 is going to be an exciting year for Connexin – we have launched a new website, we will integrate our customers and of course continue to expand the network throughout the city. We are passionate about investing in Hull. So keep your eyes peeled, you are about to see a lot more of us!

The challenge for Connexin is that they are not the only broadband operator capable of handling gigabit trying to break KCOM’s local monopoly. MS3 (here) and Grain (here) also recently announced major network expansion programs in the region, and it’s possible Quickline will join them (here).

All of this means that homes and businesses in the city will soon have a wider choice of services, which may force KCOM to adopt more competitive rates.

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