Cynamics MSSP Offering Optimizes Network Security for Customers

Cynamics has released its new offering dedicated to Managed Security Service Providers and Managed Service Providers.

The Cynamics Managed Service solution provides a comprehensive dashboard allowing Cynamics partners to view all aspects of their Cynamics services across all customer networks. This new dashboard represents the next step in the continued evolution of the Cynamics solution and offering.

Cynamics partners with the best partners, providing unhindered network visibility and threat prediction to manage their customers’ environment. Cynamics’ unique sample-based approach, along with patent-pending, academically-recognized AI technology, enables our partners to predict and detect risk in seconds, respond faster, and to provide customers with the security and granularity they deserve.

“We are grateful for our partnership with Cynamics, as it allows us to deliver robust and innovative network visibility to our customers, improving their overall security,” said Peter Baur, IT Manager, Metro-INET. “With the increase in cyber threats to municipalities, we were looking for a vendor to reduce and mitigate risk. Cynamics makes a big difference in how our customers can effectively protect their networks and gives us a complete view of the entire landscape Cynamics’ intuitive dashboard, 24/7 access to cyber analysts, and an unparalleled level of support have been a key differentiator for us as we focus on connecting our customers. to solutions that enable them to operate more securely and productively,” said Baur.

The new offering, inspired by the Cynamics Network Blueprint dashboard, allows managed service partners to quickly add their customer accounts and connect them to Cynamics, view a summary of recent activity for all of their customers, and explore each threat detection root cause. analysis and to the respective customer dashboard for more details.

This dashboard can improve MSSPs’ cybersecurity service offering to customers by leveraging Cynamics’ AI-powered technology and sample-based approach to provide 100% visibility into the network and threat prediction without requiring the installation of a device or agent on the customer’s network, regardless of the size of the network or environment.

“The Cynamics MSSP offering was designed with our growing managed services customer base in mind. Our goal was to provide a dashboard that provides complete visibility into all customer accounts in a central pane that offers MSSPs more services to seize greater opportunity among their customers,” said Dr. Aviv Yehezkel, co- Founder and CTO of Cynamics. “With Cynamics, our managed service partners reduce risk due to lack of appliances and agents, as well as lack of permissions on the customer’s network, and lack of data collection or storage. sensitive or private customer information at all times, therefore creating no attack surface,” said Dr. Yehezkel.

The Cynamics MSSP Dashboard reduces the burden of network security management, configuration, and optimization for customers with notoriously convoluted networks, disparate environments, and complex architectures. The Cynamics solution uses proprietary AI and ML technology to enrich suspicious threat signals, patterns and behavior by detecting and classifying them in a generalized way that is agnostic to a specific network deployment. The solution learns and improves autonomously and continuously with each additional deployment.

The performance, capabilities, and broad visibility offered by Cynamics gives MSSPs an edge in keeping their customers safe in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

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