DataTribe invests $ 2 million in ContraForce to make cybersecurity accessible to SMEs

DataTribe, a global cyber foundation that invests and co-builds in next-generation cybersecurity and data science companies, has announced an initial investment of $ 2 million in ContraForce.

ContraForce provides a codeless security automation platform that makes cybersecurity accessible to small and medium businesses that lack the resources and expertise to defend themselves. In addition, ContraForce also provides this facility for security compliance; a key feature, as customers, regulators and insurance companies increasingly put pressure on small and medium-sized businesses to not only be secure, but also to prove it.

It is no longer acceptable for small organizations to be behind in their security and compliance. Hackers are increasingly targeting them for ransomware or as an entry point into a supply chain. Since small businesses typically have limited resources to deal with a cyberattack, cyberattacks can pose an existential risk to them. ContraForce enables small and midsize businesses to manage this risk with their easy-to-use, self-service platform to automate threat detection, response and compliance.

“We are delighted to announce DataTribe’s most recent investment in ContraForce following the company’s victory in the fourth annual DataTribe Challenge,” said John Funge, Managing Director of DataTribe. “By providing a sort of ‘easy button’ for security and compliance, ContraForce fills a really important gap. Just because an organization is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have mission-critical data, IPs, or access to critical networks. It is critical that small organizations overcome resource barriers for robust security. ContraForce’s unique approach significantly reduces these barriers.

“I look forward to working with DataTribe as we build on the ContraForce team’s passion for simple and effective cybersecurity solutions designed for the needs of small and medium businesses,” said Stan Golubchik, CEO and co-founder by ContraForce.

ContraForce’s security and compliance solutions map security vulnerabilities to the industry standard MITER ATT & CK framework. They create and adapt real-time security detection and response capabilities, ensuring the environment is secure within hours across the cloud, network, endpoint, and users.

By using ContraForce, an organization without dedicated security personnel can respond to threats without having to learn or write complex security detection code and response workflows.

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