Discover and Publish – Accelerate Less Privileged Access to Cloud Resources

As we work with organizations helping them modernize and secure their remote access infrastructure, we have always found that one of the biggest barriers to the progress of the deployment is an accurate inventory of the services currently in use. This is especially true for IaaS-based services, as they are often outside the purview of IT and security. If you think about it, it’s a bit like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. As soon as you are done, it is obsolete and you have to start over.

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With that in mind, we’re excited to announce Discover and Publish, a simplified way to secure access to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Banyan Security offers clients the following benefits:

  1. Improved Time to Value – We provide a fast and efficient way to create less privileged access to your infrastructure and services.
  2. Scalable IaaS Access Management – We provide a modern and consistent way to manage access to IaaS workloads in any cloud.

Let’s dive in!

Resources are everywhere

The number of IT workload deployment options has grown dramatically over the past decade. Most businesses are likely to have a mix of on-premises, colocation, edge, and cloud workloads. However, many CIOs are now moving towards a “cloud-everywhere”Mentality where the number of cloud workloads continues to increase and multi-cloud adoption is widely accepted.

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Cyber ​​security professionals face challenges in managing secure and less privileged access to infrastructure across different IaaS providers. Usually this is a mishmash of VPNs, stronghold hosts, and custom tools. Banyan’s zero-trust access solution helps solve these challenges for organizations embracing multi-cloud and the cloud-everywhere mindset.

Discover and publish for IaaS providers

For cloud resource discovery, Banyan integrates with leading IaaS providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud to automatically detect the creation of new infrastructure.

The Discovery Inventory section of the Command Center contains key IP address and / or domain information about the cloud resource and the IaaS provider it came from. Our cloud resource discovery process runs at regular intervals to ensure that the inventory table is always up to date and can even perform granular synchronization of resource types, tags, or labels.

For example, administrators can automatically synchronize AWS EC2 instances that have a “banyan: discovery” tag.

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Within the cloud resource, an admin can go through a simple publishing flow that will create a Banyan-secured hosted website or infrastructure service in seconds. The IP, DNS and port information is automatically filled in, creating a strong link between the cloud resource and the published Banyan service.

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A coherent approach to secure IaaS remote access

We strongly believe in BeyondCorp’s approach to zero trust security, but we realize that the transition from VPNs and legacy bastion hosts to granular, less privileged access can be difficult. Banyan, however, provides a consistent way to manage secure remote access, regardless of the application and where it is hosted.

Generally, one of the first steps towards zero trust is understanding your security posture. users and devices. Once complete, discovery and publishing enables organizations to understand their multi-cloud resources, build Banyan services to secure infrastructure, and fine-tune less privileged access policies.

End users benefit from this consistent approach in the form of a unified service catalog. Gone are the days of having to remember how to access websites or infrastructure depending on the cloud it’s hosted on. Banyan improves productivity throughout your organization.

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Getting Started with IaaS Discover and Publish Today

All the features described above are immediately available and are included in the Enterprise edition of Banyan Security!

For details on setting up discovery and publishing for your IaaS provider (s), see our documents.

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