DNS address issues (only one networked PC affected)


I have been out of the country and so away from this computer for the past three months, came back and noticed I was hit with an incredibly unreliable internet connection.

When I first came back this specific computer just wouldn’t connect to the internet, every browser I used displayed the following message or some variation of:

“This site is unreachable

“website.com DNS address not found”


It only affects that SINGLE PC on the network, my phone, other computers connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi are all working fine, it’s just my computer not working.

BT is my ISP and I have a SmartHub6 which I connect to via WiFi

I tried the following:

Diagnosing the problem using the Windows diagnostic tool would not fix the problem

Reset Router

Set IPV4 manual DNS code on Googles (

Using CMD to Flush/Register/Release/Renew DNS

Windows Peer to Peer updates disabled

Reseat Network Adapters for Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265

Remove Winsock and add it back to the Windows Registry

But nothing seems to work, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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