Do you see the progress you’ve made this week?

I recently visited a friend to see how he was doing. After listing an impressive amount of accomplishments, he concluded his week was “All the little things without 100% wins.”

It blew my mind because he couldn’t see all the progress and growth that was obvious to me.

Everything seemed small to him, with nothing big enough to celebrate. He described it as feeling “slow” while his progress suggested the opposite of slow.

I told.

Does this happen to you?

I felt sluggish this week, too. Maybe clouded is a better description.

Her words energized me and I immediately responded, “Wow, that’s a lot of progress!”

At that time, I saw my situation differently. Just seeing someone else’s progress with more clarity made me realize that I wasn’t seeing my progress.

I quickly reflected on the last month, the last quarter and the last year. I spent maybe 5 minutes comparing and contrasting my situation and reflecting on the journey I’ve been on.

A few minutes of looking back – and looking for the good – brought clarity to my progress. I realized that small steps add up to visible improvement.

When we take the time to see our progress, we get three benefits:

  1. The finish feels good
  2. We see the proof of our own worth
  3. Progress shows the way

We know the reward for problem solving is fresh, more difficult problems to solve. Conflict is the byproduct of progress. And sometimes solving problems and resolving conflicts gets us down, because we don’t see how small victories turn into remarkable growth.

Progress sometimes seems small and easy to ignore.

The conversation with my friend was enough to remind me to reconnect with my worth. It helped turn a stressful, negative-focused week into one of excitement about next steps and where my journey takes me.

I feel good at the end of the week and I want you to feel good too.

That’s why I challenge you to tell me something nice each time we log on (including the start of each office hour session).

Take a moment now to pause, reflect, and see your progress.

You do it well!

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