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PRESS RELEASE. A new wave of blockchain games is sweeping the industry. Play-to-earn titles and GameFi platforms present the immense potential and could prove to be the next big trend in crypto.

However, other than probably Axie Infinity, most blockchain games have failed to appeal to the masses. Sleek solutions to implement blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and DeFi features in games are needed for the space to grow.

Fortunately, several blockchain protocols are being developed and improved to disrupt the traditional gaming industry.

Growing industry

As crypto markets struggle in terms of price action, user metrics show that blockchain gaming is now more popular than ever.

Not only are established game studios like Atari investing in the crypto space through their token and NFT collections, but we are also witnessing key players in the traditional gaming industry.

At the start of the year, Ryan Wyatt left his position as Youtube gaming manager to join the Polygon network. Other important developments include the new GameStop NFT Marketplace powered by Loopring, Immutable raising $200 million to develop the blockchain game and Krafton. This studio created the cult video game PUBG, partnership with Solana Labs.

While most gaming projects are built on the Ethereum network, there is fierce competition between multiple layer one and layer two protocols to capture a larger share of the blockchain gaming market.

Simplify game development on the blockchain

Engine (ENGN), a revolutionary new GameFi protocol, brings game developers and studios an advanced toolset that enables easy integration of blockchain functionality into games.

With Engine’s proprietary set of smart contracts, sold as a software service, independent and mainstream game studios can make game economies more dynamic. The engine allows seamless integration of NFTs and game mechanics to win in existing games.

Further integration into the ENGN Arcade game library is also possible, giving retro and new games an opportunity to find new audiences while reaping the benefits of blockchain integration.

An additional element of security and transparency is possible by uploading game server data to the ENGN blockchain. When saved on the blockchain, the game’s relevant scores, stats, and achievements become immutable, preventing hackers and other bad actors from cheating.

Bringing the “game” into the blockchain game

Blockchain games have little real “game” in them. Most of them are decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols disguised as games, offering yield farming and other staking services under a gamified user interface.

While strategy and card games enjoy a certain level of popularity, the gameplay is still far from the quality of mainstream AAA titles. The Engine prepares its first internal version as a major blockchain game success on April 10.

Featuring fast-paced gameplay, Strix 2085 is a third-person shooter similar to Fortnite. The game uses the latest version of the Unreal Engine to make one of the most beautiful blockchain games to date.

Supported by beautiful art direction, the maps and character models are carefully crafted and rendered with high-quality textures and detail. Strix 2085 will allow players to choose various swords, knives, explosives, drones, and weapons to participate in combat.

Strix 2085 also features Battle Royale and several other multiplayer modes, where players can test their skills in various natural, urban, and alien environments. The first play-to-earn title with a planned release on PC and the latest consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series.

A summer reveal of Strix 2085 will be made this summer, giving players their first look at the magnum opus created by the Engine team.

To learn more about the Engine ecosystem and the imminent launch of its first in-house game, follow them on social networks.

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