Enter the multiverse with multi-chain exchange protocols!

Want to slip between realities as easily as Rick Sanchez? Well, Parody Coin might not allow you to slip into an alternate reality, but it allows you to trade any coin between any blockchain of your choice. In the blockchain world, it’s pretty close, isn’t it?

The multiversal qualities of Parody Coin

the Parody piece (PARO) The exchange function, powered by the oracle Chainlink network, allows you to easily and instantly exchange any cryptocurrency for another currency from a user-friendly and interactive interface. Using smart contracts, the protocol ensures that a constant pool of liquidity is maintained on the blockchain which is traded to and from.

Poor interoperability between blockchains has always been the biggest constraint to global adoption and that is exactly what PARO seeks to resolve. By bridging all existing blockchains, Parody creates a real sense of interconnectedness between previously non-communicating networks.

Ethereum has an extremely rich diversity of applications with real utility. However, without methods of communication between this block chain and others like Solana, its true integration into everyday life is much less likely. The multiverse needs to be integrated into a blockchain and that’s why PARO looks so promising.

How far could PARO fly?

Taking Polkadot (DOT) and the cosmos center (ATOM) as an example, the future looks extremely bright for PARO.

ATOM builds a network where each application built on its network is connected to the next one. This guarantees fluidity interoperability and transactions between native applications and Hub Cosmos.

What Parody brings to the table, however, is that it can work between any apps built on any network. DApps built on ATOM can communicate with Dapps built on the Ethereum network for the first time.

Despite this more recent crypto crash, the ATOM the market cap is still over $3 billion. This gives huge confluence to the success of the PARO token once it is listed on the pancake exchange DEX.

How could interoperable coins work when we return to a bull market?

Interoperability Between block chains remains the biggest unsolved problem, to date, for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Although there have been successful bridges between blockchains, true and transparent interoperability remains elusive.

For a real immersion web3, interoperable blockchains must be developed. During the next bull run, it would not be surprising to see projects emphasizing interoperability perform. All things considered, given the quality of the project and the development team behind it, the Cosmos Hub has had a pretty disappointing bull run. It peaked at just under $45 twice in 2021 before dropping to its current level of around $11.

As the underlying theories and concepts web3 become more comprehensive, ‘internet blockchains’ have a very good chance of aiming for the moon. For this reason, Parody pieceas well as other interoperable blockchains like ATOM should be heavily considered for your portfolio before returning to a bull market.

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