Eve, Nanoleaf and Amazon: Here’s when you can expect Matter software and device updates

Material Display at IFA2022

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Have you heard of the material? It’s a new smart home specification that promises to make it easier to install, control and maintain your smart home devices, regardless of manufacturer. ZDNET’s Maria Diaz wrote a great article explaining what matter is and why, forgive me, it matters to you. It’s worth reading if you’re really frustrated with the current smart home experience and were hoping for a solution.

Well, the material is there. The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) held a launch event in Amsterdam to launch the future of our always-on, always-connected smart home experience.

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But the change will not be instantaneous. Matter is a standard, and all companies — including tech giants like Apple, Amazon, or Google — have to go through various processes before they can release Matter firmware updates or Matter-enabled products. For example, each product must go through a certification process with the CSA. There is currently a certification process available for devices such as lights, thermostats, televisions, door locks, and security sensors (to name a few).


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With that in mind, companies are starting to announce their plans for Matter. Below is a brief roundup of the companies that have announced their plans. But this is not an exhaustive list. The CSA announced this very morning that it has 300 members that it expects to see integrate Matter.

Smart home device makers who have announced Matter plans

Again, I expect to see a flood of announcements about software updates to enable support for Matter or new hardware that will be released fully ready to work with Matter in the days and weeks to come. .

But there are a handful of companies that are ready to announce plans today, including Eve, Nanoleaf, Amazon and even Samsung.

So far, Eve has only made smart home devices for Apple’s HomeKit platform. For the past year or so, the company has been focused on releasing Thread-enabled smart home devices in preparation for the full Matter launch. Thread is a networking protocol designed for smart home devices that enables fast and easy communication between multiple devices at the same time. Eve is currently 14 Thread devices in its lineup, all of which will receive an update to enable Matter support. On December 12, Eve will release an optional software update for the Eve Energythe Eve door and window and Eve-Motion. Additionally, early next year, Eve will release an Android version of its app.


Image: Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf has included Thread and Thread edge router support in its smart lighting products for a while now, but the amount of storage required by Matter has exceeded Nanoleaf’s predictions, so the company can’t update them for full Matter support. Instead, Nanoleaf has announced four new bulbs and light strips that will be part of its Essentials line.

The bulbs and strips won’t be available until early next year and will range in price from $19.99 to $99.99 on Nanoleaf website. Nanoleaf also expects more products to be ready for an announcement at CES 2023.

Apple hasn’t made much of its Matter plans, but the latest software updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch have enabled Matter support for the HomeKit platform. The most expensive version of new Apple TVfor example, is equipped with a Thread radio and acts as a Thread boundary router.

Amazon will update 17 of its Echo and Eero devices with Matter over Wi-Fi to support outlets, switches and light bulbs in December. Matter over Thread support won’t launch on Amazon’s products until next year, which will then add the multi-ecosystem support promised by Matter, including platform support Apple HomeKit.

Samsung has already updated some of its SmartThings hubs and its Android app with Matter support. Now the company just needs devices to update with Matter support.

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