Every upcoming game in the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

The upcoming Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will have a total of ten games, some of which are alternate versions of each other.

Every game included in the next Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will make a grand total of ten games of the classic Battle Network series. It also comes with new features such as a 3D title screen, online battles, and the ability to redeem Series Battle Chips. No specific release date has been announced for the new mega man collection of games, but it should be released in 2023, leaving some time before mega man fans will be able to relive all the adventures of Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE.


The Mega Man Battle Network follows the adventures of Lan Hikari, who uses MegaMan.EXE as his digital avatar. It is set in an unspecified year, called 20XX, in a world where people can use these avatars (called “NetNavi”) to explore both a more advanced version of the real-world Internet called “Net ” and the software of various devices. The main story of most games sees the two protagonists thwarting the infamous WWW organization, or “World Three”, which aims to take over the world. To this end, they fight various computer viruses and other NetNavi in ​​cyberspace using programs called Battle Chips.

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The new collection for mega manit is Battle Network the game series contains all the main saga entries, but none of the spin-offs such as Transmission of the Mega Man Network. Some of the games are also twin and “Double Soul” versions, which means that although there are technically ten titles, there are only six stories, which is always good to have all together in one game (and six games in one package alone would be enough nothing to sneeze at). Each entry will come with an optional feature that will enhance the series’ original visuals with smoother graphics. Heritage Collection also has a gallery of over 1,000 concept art and artwork images from across the series, and a total of 188 songs, giving players more to enjoy than the base games.

All Upcoming Games in Mega Man Battle Network’s Legacy Collection

The games are coming Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection are:

  • Mega Man Battle Network 1which features for the first time Lan Hikari, MegaMan and their friends, as well as a version of Dr. Wily – who also serves as a villain for others mega man series such as Mega Man Xwhere he created Zero – and the WWW organization.
  • Mega Man 2 Battle Networkwhich saw the Gospel Organization replace WWW as the antagonist.
  • Mega Man Battle Network 3 blue and whitewhich brought back WWW and introduced the ability to customize MegaMan.EXE.
  • Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun and Blue Moonwhich replaced the series’ style changes with Double Soul functionality, and introduced Dark Chips with a new antagonistic organization, Nebula.
  • Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman and Team Colonelin which Nebula returns to take over the Net and is ultimately defeated by Lan and MegaMan.EXE with the help of a team of other Operators.
  • Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzarthe latest entry in Capcom’s new classic mega man collection of games, where WWW returns once again in hopes of reviving powerful animal-like programs known as Cybeasts.

This is a fantastic package for Mega Man Battle Network fans, and a chance for those who haven’t played the games yet to experience an often underrated franchise. While it’s a shame that not all of the smaller spin-off titles are included in the final offering, having all the mainline games in the series together will give gamers more than enough to do, and it sure seems like the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will bring new life to the series.

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