Expert Edition: the balancing game that is IoT security

We’ve come a long way from a bloated ARPANET-connected vending machine in the halls of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department.

The Internet of Things has become valuable to business and government in ways no one could have imagined in the early 1980s. Yet here we are some 30 years later. Tiny, software-defined circuits embedded in tiny sensors allow us to connect just about anything to a network, gather a wealth of data, and start analyzing (sometimes even streaming).

But given the potential, it’s a balancing act that agencies undertake. In this exclusive ebook, we look at how technology leaders strive to strike that delicate balance where risk does not outweigh return. Hope this helps your team think through this challenge as well.

Industry Overview:

  • Jeff Booth, Director, Sensors and Platforms Technology Center, DHS
  • Tim Mierzwa, Corporate Strategy Manager, IT Resources Branch, NCATS
  • James Rodd, Cloud Portfolio Manager, FEMA
  • Sandy Shadchehr, Director of Building Technology Services, GSA Office of IT
  • Chris Thomas, Technology Strategist, Dell Technologies
  • Marc Grodzinsky, Vice President and General Manager, Ruckus Networks
  • Kurt Steege, CTO, Thundercat Technology

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