FITIS urges President to lift ban on importing IT devices and peripherals – Reuters

The Federation of Information Technology Industry of Sri Lanka (FITIS) yesterday warned that there is a serious danger of breakdown of the country’s technology platforms due to the ban on importing computer devices and peripherals by the government due to the shortage of dollars currently prevailing in the country.

In a statement, FITIS said its members expect to meet President Ranil Wickremesinghe and discuss with him the easing of the ban.

FITIS also pointed out that the inclusion of computer devices and peripherals in the list of prohibited items could be due to a genuine oversight.
FITIS noted that hardware, peripherals and appliances are essential to keep information and communications technology going without breaking down. He also pointed out that imports of computers and related peripherals and devices are already at the minimum level due to the shortage of US dollars in the country in recent months.

“The proper maintenance of technology platforms has become difficult because of this. Computing equipment such as servers, network equipment, laptop, notebook and desktop computers and firewall equipment are essential for performing connected work of any type. Keeping peripherals and live devices connected is essential for updating data systems, maintaining computer and communication networks, and renewing licenses,” said FITIS.

FITIS is a collection of united organizations dedicated to the advancement of the information and communications technology industry in Sri Lanka and is the supreme body of the ICT industry in the country which comprises eight sectors (chapters ), namely hardware chapter, software chapter, education training chapter, communication chapter, digital service chapter, professional chapter, office automation chapter and professional consultant chapter.

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