Gauteng to adhere to strict Covid-19 protocols for NSC 2021 year-end exams

Through Yasmine Jacobs 24 October 2021

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Cape Town – Gauteng has registered 175,599 candidates for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams in October / November this year, the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) said in a statement on Sunday.

This is an increase of 17.55% from 2020, when a total of 149,385 registered to take the exams.

This makes the Class of 2021 the highest ever enrollment of senior national certificate exam candidates in the province.

The NSC end-of-year exams are scheduled to start on Wednesday October 27, 2021 and end on December 6, 2021.

“This year’s exams will be the second to take place amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, our department’s preparation of these assessments is paramount to ensure that they take place in a convenient and secure manner for all qualified applicants and stakeholders involved, ”said GDE.

In preparation for these exams, GDE said it has established an extensive network of instructors across the province and formally appointed and trained chief proctors and instructors for the exam centers.

Security arrangements are also in place to safely manage the distribution and collection of questionnaires and answer sheets.

The first scoring session will take place on November 15 and the second scoring session on December 7. The rating process is expected to be completed by December 23.

“Our most effective of these interventions has been the Secondary School Improvement Program (SSIP), a major strategic intervention for advanced and high-risk learners. The SSIP has been running since the start of the year on Saturdays and during school holidays to keep Grade 12 performance improving over the past several years, ”the department said.

Gauteng is committed to respecting Covid-19 protocols during the exam. The majority of teachers in Gauteng have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Learners now also have the option of getting vaccinated.

GDE has strengthened the standard procedures that will be followed in all examination centers. These include: 30 candidates maximum per room with a distance of 1 meter, masks to be worn at all times, isolation rooms have been provided for sick candidates in each examination center, candidates who test positive for Covid -19 will not be allowed to sit during exams in the same room as the other candidates, hand sanitizers and surface cleaners will be provided for all rooms used and hand sanitization and point temperature sweep entry will take place.

Supervisors who show symptoms related to Covid-19 will be released to see a doctor and will only be allowed to return after producing a doctor’s letter or negative results for Covid-19.

Applicants confirmed positive will be quarantined in accordance with prescribed health requirements


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