Google Cloud Security Discussions Set to Tackle Improved Threat Detection and Response

As if your detection and response efforts needed a reminder, the precarious state of geopolitics has left many security operations teams anxious. anticipating an upsurge in attacks targeting Western interests.

And, by the way, the everyday stuff, including vulnerabilities, banking Trojans (hello Emotet!) and phishing attacks are still rampant.

Thus the first 2022 installment of the quarterly Google Security Talks, which will take place on March 9 Couldn’t come at a better time to help you discover ways to strengthen your organization’s last lines of defense, all the more critical as SOC teams are more decentralized and organizations more exposed to cloud services than ever before.

For the first time, Google Security Discussions (Siemplify is now part of Google, if you missed the news) will be entirely focused on detection and response – through the modernization of your security operations – and is aimed specifically at security analysts and engineers and SOC managers.

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The approximately three-hour virtual program kicks off with a keynote from Siemplify Co-Founder and CEO Amos Stern and Director of Google Cloud Product Management Jess Leroywhich will present a practical blueprint for designing a modern threat detection and response program that takes advantage of the speed, automation and scale of the cloud.

Following their conversation, explore the wonders of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) technology by Siemplify, with an introduction by Nimmy Reichenberg. Later, listen to Google experts talk about a range of topics, from what’s new in Chronicle trends in cloud workload protection and network-based threat detection. VirusTotal researchers will also be present, drawing on their latest findings on cybercrime to present a conference on threat hunting and intelligence.

The penultimate session of the event promises to be stimulating: a “fireside chat”, featuring real-life SOC practitioners and influencers, including Robert Herjavec. The show endss with a neat recap of everything you’ve learned about Google Cloud SecOps offerings and how to take the next step on your modernization journey.

Not a bad investment for three hours.

We look forward to sharing our latest security insights and solutions with you. Register now to reserve your virtual seat. Google Security Talks is 100% digital and free. All sessions will be available on demand after they are broadcast.

We’ll see each other there!

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