How to Reset Network Settings on Android Devices to Fix Connectivity Issues

Network issues are perhaps one of the most common issues faced by smartphone users these days. But network problems aren’t always the fault of your telecom service provider. Your smartphone could also be the cause.

So if you are a android If you’re a smartphone user and you’re having trouble trying to use a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular connection, chances are there’s something wrong with your device’s network settings.

Your smartphone’s network settings are responsible for all the connections the device is able to make, which for some reason can get corrupted. Fortunately, Android smartphones allow users to reset network settings to fix these issues.

What to know about resetting your device’s network settings
Resetting network settings will not delete your apps or data. It will simply erase your network settings, stored Wi-Fi passwords, and Bluetooth connections, but won’t fix network coverage issues if they’re from the service provider.

Here’s how to reset your network settings on an Android device.


Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone or tablet


Head to General Management or System (depending on the device you’re using)


Select Reset or Reset options and choose “Reset Network Settings”


Now press the reset button

It will then ask you to enter your device’s PIN, password or biometrics
Once the process is complete, the device will reboot and all your network settings will be reset.


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