HVP Magazine – HHIC Members Agree on Labeling Protocols for Hydrogen Appliances



As progress is being made towards decarbonizing household gas use using hydrogen, members of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) of appliance manufacturers have agreed on new, clear labeling for hydrogen appliances.

The new labels will very clearly indicate three distinct categories of hydrogen devices:

  1. “Hydrogen blend” compatible, able to operate with up to 20% hydrogen blend in the gas network
  2. “Hydrogen-ready” devices, capable of operating on a 20% blend, but with the option of being converted by a Gas Safe engineer to operate on a 100% hydrogen gas grid
  3. ‘100% hydrogen’ boiler, a device specially designed to run on hydrogen without conversion.

Stewart Clements, Director of HHIC, said, “These labels provide clarity for consumers and installers. As we move towards decarbonizing gas networks, the industry needs to be absolutely transparent about what devices can and cannot do.

“The labeling has been approved by device manufacturers and will be used by them to clearly identify products. It will also help communicate the changes that will take place in UK homes, as we strive to achieve net zero.

“The replacement of natural gas in the network, which will take place in the coming decades, has already started in pilot trials. From 2023, the government wants to see the hydrogen mixture come true, with a decision in 2026 on the conversion to a 100% hydrogen gas network.

“Decarbonizing homes in this way will be cheaper for consumers, involve less disruption, minimize upfront costs and, by using Gas Safe engineers, we will be working with the existing workforce of installers.”

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