Ivanti Extends Neuros Platform to Help Customers Further Improve Network Security, Automate Compliance, and Maximize Productivity

SALT LAKE CITY – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Ivanti, the provider of the Ivanti Neuros automation platform that discovers, manages, secures and maintains IT assets from cloud to edge, today announced three new integrated solutions: Ivanti Neuros ™ for Secure Access, Ivanti Neuros ™ for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Ivanti Neuros ™ for governance, risk and compliance (GRC). With these releases, Ivanti continues to fulfill its mission of enabling and securing Everywhere Workplace, enabling employees to use a variety of devices to securely access corporate networks, data, and services when working from within. different locations.

Ivanti Neuros is a hyper-automation platform designed to meet the exponentially growing demands of IT departments amid rapid growth in devices and data, as well as the growing number of cyber threats and the shift to remote work. It autonomously repairs and secures devices and delivers personalized self-service experiences to end users. Ivanti Neuros uses automation bots to deliver real-time information across all Everywhere Workplace assets, including every endpoint and the IoT edge, while delivering a consumer-grade employee experience. Ivanti updates Ivanti Neuros quarterly to further help customers embrace the future of work quickly and safely. See below for more details on the latest innovations:

  • Ivanti Neuros for Secure Access makes it easier than ever to move to Zero Trust (as part of SASE – Secure Access Service Edge). In short, the Everywhere Workplace demands a Zero Trust security model to effectively combat the unprecedented increase in sophisticated cyber attacks. Zero Trust security enables organizations to create stronger, more impenetrable IT environments by continuously verifying every asset and transaction before allowing any access. Ivanti Neuros for Secure Access enables organizations to modernize their Virtual Private Network (VPN) deployments and transform them into Zero Trust network access by leveraging cloud-based management technology that converges to secure access for applications private and Internet. Ivanti Neuros for Secure Access provides a single view across gateways, users, devices, and activities, while reducing the risk of breaches due to stolen identities and internal user actions.

  • Ivanti Neuros for GRC enables organizations to automate monitoring and compliance by centralizing all documents and authority frameworks, citations, controls and risks in one system. This is critical because the shift to remote working has accelerated the digital transformation by seven years and increased compliance risks. And according to a recent Gartner® report, 39% more CEOs and CEOs identified risk management as one of their top priorities compared to 2019. We believe Ivanti Neuros for GRC solves these challenges by providing real-time visibility into the state of governance, as well as precise monitoring and compliance with identified risks and mitigation activities and ongoing audits.

  • Ivanti Neuros for PPM helps organizations optimize business performance and employee productivity by taking the guesswork out of portfolio management and project execution. Too often, projects are late, under resourced and over budget. In reality, recent research from the Boston Consulting Group shows that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to meet their targets. Ivanti Neuros for PPM enables managers to capture and visualize demand and projects in one place and assess their benefits, costs, resources and risks so they can prioritize the right projects and create a predictable project delivery machine. that provides effective results for the business. This is essential because successful digital transformations depend in large part on the execution and delivery of the project.

“These products have been specially designed to help our customers thrive in the workplace everywhere, ”said Nayaki Nayyar, President and Product Manager, Ivanti. “Ivanti Neuros for Secure Access enables customers to modernize their traditional VPN deployments and transform them into Zero Trust architectures to reduce the risk of breaches. Ivanti Neuros for PPM helps clients drive digital transformation projects, which have accelerated over the past year, but often underperformed. And Ivanti Neuros for GRC helps customers automate compliance and risk assessment processes, which have become more complicated due to remote working.

Ivanti Neuros for PPM and Ivanti Neuros for GRC are now available, and Ivanti Neuros for Secure Access will be available next week. Please visit Ivanti Neurons product page to learn more.

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Ivanti makes the Everywhere work environment possible. In Everywhere Workplace, employees use a myriad of devices to access computer applications and data across various networks to stay productive when working from anywhere. The Ivanti Neuros Automation Platform connects the enterprise’s industry-leading unified endpoint management, zero-trust security and enterprise service management solutions, providing a unified computing platform that enables devices to self-repair and self-secure and allows users to self-service. More than 40,000 customers, including 96 from the Fortune 100, choose Ivanti to discover, manage, secure and maintain their IT assets from the cloud to the edge, and deliver great end-user experiences for employees, where and how they work. . For more information visit www.ivanti.com and follow @GoIvanti.

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