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You know how they say that as you go deeper into things, you realize that there is actually a sea full of things that you still haven’t grasped. Well, that’s also the case with cybersecurity. Many people who use devices, networks and communication systems believe that they are well versed in cybersecurity and can easily protect themselves and their data. However, a recent Kaspersky report may force many to rethink their cybersecurity self-assessment.

Conducted by Kaspersky on approximately 12,500 users of its security awareness platform, the report shows that most people have only a limited amount of cybersecurity knowledge, which leaves them and their businesses vulnerable. dangerous cybersecurity issues.

Towards statistics, Kaspersky mentioned that about 90% of the 12,500 people overestimated their knowledge of cybersecurity. Now, that’s a big enough number to give us the impression that a large portion of internet and tech users have this misunderstanding.

Kaspersky, while testing workers’ cybersecurity skills, decided to give people basic cybersecurity tests and identified common mistakes in some of the easier tasks.

The report identified that 83% of workers did not know what card details to send over the internet, 73% of workers did not know how to check for signs of unauthorized access on their account, 70% did not know what to do in case where a newly downloaded app asks them for their Google account passwords, while around 51% of them don’t know what to do when a colleague asks them for their computer password while they’re on traveling or on vacation.

Now these are really shocking results as these are considered really small and menial tasks and part of our daily life. Although you may think that these are small things and do not pose great danger, it can actually cause great dangers to organizations and give important data and network access into untrusted hands.

Over time, most organizations have procured a large amount of privacy services that protect them from hackers. Therefore, hackers target the easiest way to gain access to systems and they are uninformed and untrained employees. It is therefore important to promote cybersecurity training and knowledge among all. employees and protect yourself and your organizations against cyber threats.

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