Mainframe dependent organizations urged to step up security

Mainframe dependent organizations urged to step up security

Micro focus urged Australian mainframe organizations to take action now to secure their core systems ahead of upcoming changes to national critical infrastructure laws.

The new laws will designate organizations in more sectors as operators of critical infrastructure, introducing a legislative obligation for them to strengthen their IT security.

Micro Focus Australia and New Zealand Regional Sales Director for Application Modernization Brent Butchard said security is an evolving concern for mainframe-based organizations, and Australian organizations are in good shape. High alert in terms of cybersecurity for some time due to the evolution of cyberthreats and new exposure. areas.

“Changes to the way people work for many organizations include an increase in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), remote working practices and an increase in cloud-based business applications. This increased connectivity and reduced visibility has resulted in significant risks for businesses, ”he said.

“It is essential that mainframe-dependent organizations maintain a robust security posture to ensure that core systems and data remain secure, including those buried deep within the organization. “

One of the most effective defenses organizations can introduce is multi-factor authentication, which is mainframe compatible and allows organizations to provide an additional layer of protection on top of additional cybersecurity technologies, said Butchard.

“Integrating MFA protections into an organization allows organizations to increase their level of security by establishing additional barriers that malicious actors would have to overcome to breach the network. This increases the level of difficulty for cyber attackers to penetrate network security and is essential for today’s mainframe dependent organizations.

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