Manage iPad files on network, cloud storage

This article is brought to you by Stratospherix, developer of FileBrowser Professional.

Although many large companies use Stratospherix’s FileBrowser Professional, it’s also a great product for home users and small offices. It helps users simplify their network and cloud storage, so they can easily work with files in a single app.

Individuals and businesses have trusted FileBrowser Professional for some time. It appeared on the App Store in 2009 and was one of the first apps for the iPad when it was launched in 2010. Since then, FileBrowser Professional has only gotten better, helping people use the Apple devices more like using a desktop computer.

It’s easy to download FileBrowser Professional from the App Store for iPadOS or iOS. Or you can try the free version, FileBrowserGo (see below).

Manage files with FileBrowser Professional

With its 20 different connection types, FileBrowser Professional unifies all your network and cloud storage into one application. This makes it much easier for you to manage these crucial elements, even with just an iPad or iPhone.

Copy and paste functionality allows you to easily move items from one cloud location to another.

And useful features like image markup and iOS PDF Markup tool integration are now available for any storage location, anywhere.

Files on iOS

FileBrowser Professional maximizes the potential of what you can do with files on iOS. You can open and edit documents from your network directly in other apps.

When you use apps like Pages or Kodex, FileBrowser Professional integrates with iOS’s built-in Files app to give those apps access to all your server and cloud connections.

Many apps use the Files app’s document picker, and FileBrowser Professional extends all of its storage connectors to each of these apps, making it easy to navigate between them.

In-place editing

Editing documents on an iPad usually means copying a document to a local folder in an editing app, modifying it, and then copying it back to the original location. But this process leaves copies of documents strewn about on your iPad or iPhone.

FileBrowser Professional provides a desktop-like workflow. It allows you to edit documents in network storage folders. For example, you can use the app to browse a folder in any storage location. Then, just tap the app’s “Edit in Place” menu option to launch Microsoft Word or a similar program.

When you close the edited document, the changes are automatically downloaded to the original location. It works with Apple’s iWork suite, Microsoft Office, and various PDF annotation apps.

Automatic backup and synchronization

FileBrowser Professional’s automated backup tasks allow you to back up any folder (local, photo library, or network) to any network or cloud location.

You can back up entire folders or individual files from your iPad or iPhone to a corporate server, personal computer, or even your cloud storage. And you can even backup from one remote location to another, such as from Dropbox to OneDrive or from a file server to the cloud.

Sync helps you make sure you have the most up-to-date documents by syncing files or folders from your Mac, PC, file servers, or cloud storage to your iPad or iPhone. It provides two-way synchronization from a network or cloud location to your iOS device.

With two-way sync, you can create, edit, rename, and delete files and folders in a local sync file location. Then the changes will be synced to the server the next time you log in.

Renaming files in bulk

With Bulk Rename, you can change hundreds of filenames at once. You can rename them completely or add something to the beginning or end of the filenames. You can also find and replace words in filenames.

This offers similar functionality to Mac Finder bulk renaming and works with all storage locations. Photos can be renamed using extracted EXIF ​​data (like the date a photo was taken, for example).

For businesses: MDM

FileBrowser Professional also integrates with mobile device management systems that support app configuration to help businesses manage the many devices their employees carry.

It is very flexible on how its features can be locked down in order to comply with MDM platforms and corporate mobile security policies.

The application configuration also deploys connections to the server, ready for the user when they launch the application for the first time.

FileBrowser Professional protects your privacy

Regarding privacy, Stratospherix never tracks the use of its apps and does not collect any user information. The company stresses the importance of maintaining privacy, since the creators of so many free apps try to acquire a large user base in order to sell user information.

Price: FileBrowser Professional costs $12.99. FileBrowserGo, which offers many of the same features, is a free download with a 49 cent monthly subscription. FileBrowserGo also offers a two-week free trial.

Where to download: App store

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