Meeting in Chile discusses cruise port planning and health protocols

Topics included scheduling for the 2022/23 cruise season, which begins in September and ends in April, as well as the need to set uniform health criteria for arriving passengers and crew.

Port infrastructure issues have been analyzed to meet the demand of this sector over the next few years. This would lead to a cruise development plan that allows alternatives and ongoing port projects for the future development of the industry.

Cono Sur also requested the support of the Undersecretary to carry out joint participation in Seatrade Global Cruise 2023 in Miami, May 1-4.

Productive meeting

Kunze called it a “really good meeting” that resulted in plans to work on various issues.

Cono Sur’s Board of Directors participated, led by President Rodrigo Pommiez, Vice President Juan Marcos Mancilla and Directors Fernando Gajardo and Enrique Runin.

More than 380 stopovers planned

Pommiez expressed optimism for the 2022/23 season, with 380 stopovers and more than 375,000 passengers expected.

“A collaborative, coordinated and articulated work with the authorities and the various actors allows us to anticipate certain requirements, to generate a coherent response as a country of destination and to promote the growth of this industry, whose contribution is essential for the economic and social development,” Pommiez said. .

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