Michael Jordan speaks out on COVID protocols

As we have learned, around 10% of players started training camp unvaccinated. They have put a lot of pressure on the league to downplay COVID protocols in terms of testing, social distancing and all the other processes put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. As the owner of the Hornets, Michael Jordan has made it clear that he fully supports the league and all the measures it is taking.

“I am in total unison with the league. And I think everyone’s been talking about vaccinations, and you know, I really believe in science. I’m going to stick with that, and I hope everyone sticks to the rules set by the league. I think once everyone buy it will be fine.

Michael Jordan, Today’s show

After Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his direct criticism of players who still refuse to be vaccinated and who have tried to reduce the rules they must follow as unvaccinated people, Michael Jordan is another legendary role model who made it clear that ‘it was a’ company believing in science. (A little sad, we need models for this in 2021). Will it have an impact on Kyrie and other still skeptical players, but it certainly can’t hurt.

MJ also spoke about the upcoming season and stressed that people shouldn’t write off Bucks just because the Nets look invincible on paper, adding that “if you’re a champion, someone’s going to have to knock you down. pedestal”. Still, he highlighted the Nets and Heat as the main contenders in the East and winked at the Bulls and their improvements. But, given that we are still in a COVID season, MJ has concluded that the team that stays as healthy as possible will once again have a huge competitive advantage.

“Anyone who stays healthy, is fighting any COVID-19 issues they may have over the course of the year, it will give this team the best chance. Staying healthy is our biggest thing. We need to stay healthy.

Michael Jordan, Today’s show

Hopefully injuries and lost games against COVID won’t be the main topic this season. With LaMelo Ball’s incredible season on, MJ surely expects the Hornets to make the playoffs. This is something they haven’t done since 2016.

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