Micron Technology is sued for patent infringement

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Bell Semiconductor has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against computer chip maker Micron Technology.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court alleges that Micron, based in Boise, Idaho, is using without permission a process for manufacturing semiconductor devices developed and patented by Bell Semiconductor, based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Bell Semiconductor is a technology and intellectual property licensing company. The patent cited in the lawsuit involves a lamination process for manufacturing semiconductor devices that has allowed the devices to become smaller, dramatically increasing their performance.

Bell Semiconductor, called Bell Semic in the lawsuit, is seeking a jury trial, unspecified damages and a court order barring Micron from using the process.

“Bell Semic is entitled to recover from Micron all damages Bell Semic suffered as a result of Micron’s infringement of the ʼ259 patent, including, without limitation and/or at least a reasonable royalty,” the lawsuit states.

Micron spokeswoman Lara Krebs said in an email Thursday that the company does not comment on ongoing litigation.

Micron is one of Idaho’s largest employers and the nation’s second-largest semiconductor manufacturer, with product development sites in five other states and eight countries.

The company announced plans in December to build a 500-worker memory design center in Georgia.

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