Microsoft Office Macro Policy Reversal: A Legacy of Incompetent Security Management

During the weekend, Ars-Technica Dan Goodin reported on the reversal of the current Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Desk unreliable macro execution policy. Apparently, the company will no longer block the execution of untrusted macros in Microsoft Office documents (through the use of various means – read Defender, etc.).

During a brief conversation yesterdaya fellow security professional familiar with the matter speculated to me: “Maybe they’re getting into the ransomware business“…

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Clear proof of the amazing pervasive incompetence (aka The Microsoft Way) in all its unabashed glory, now firmly ensconced in the corporate giant’s sprawling digs based in Redmond, Washington.

Update 07/11/2022 12:43 –
Meanwhile, by Richi Jenning treats us to a superb room at Safety Blvd. in which, the dissection of this latest debacle begins (along with other commentators’ acerbic wits and wisdom)…

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