Movandi Partners with Rakuten Mobile to Expand 5G Millimeter Wave Network Coverage

Movandi, a leader in new 5G RF and millimeter wave (mmWave) technology and software, announced that it is working with Rakuten Mobile to expand the coverage and capacity of the mmWave outdoor and indoor 5G network in Japan using the smart repeater from Movandi and BeamXR Open-RAN technology, This will soon expand to India and Asia.

Movandi’s proprietary mmWave RF chipsets, phased array antenna and software technology will enable Rakuten Mobile’s 5G mmWave signals to provide coverage beyond the reach of other mmWave approaches while potentially more than halving the infrastructure cost.

“Rakuten Mobile is thrilled to partner with disruptive innovator Movandi. We were very impressed with their core 5G mmWave technology which allows us to cost effectively expand and deploy our 5G network in Japan,” said Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Mobile. The deployment of 5G mmWave is essential to deliver on the marketing promises of ubiquitous high-speed, low-latency networks, and to meet market capacity demands, which are expected to be exhausted within two years with current technologies. 5G mmWave enables leading providers such as Rakuten Mobile to take advantage of a large number of available spectral resources in higher bands, allowing them to deliver the world’s fastest multi-gigabit cellular speeds and connectivity to low latency.

Movandi-powered smart radios and repeaters deliver unmatched performance, cost, and size advantages over challenging 5G high-frequency millimeter-wave, unlocking the potential for new multi-gigabit wireless communication applications. “We are very pleased that Rakuten Mobile has chosen Movandi as a strategic partner to improve coverage of its 5G mmWave network,” said Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and co-founder of Movandi.

“Our investments and over 78 issued patents in chipsets, phased array MIMO antennas and software have positioned Movandi as the industry’s leading 5G mmWave innovator.

Rakuten Mobile is very selective in its choice of partners, so their choice of our technologies reflects our unique approach to purpose-built silicon, antennas and software with
Advanced AI, mesh capabilities, and cloud control, resulting in significant deployment cost savings. »

The Movandi platform has a comprehensive portfolio of 5G mmWave products, including
chipsets, MIMO antennas and software allowing network designers to create
repeater solutions that mitigate the range, line of sight and blocking of mmWave technology
limitations while maintaining robust signal transmission. Movandi’s 5G architecture
dramatically improves the way repeater-based systems are designed and manufactured while cutting deployment costs in half, according to Mobile Expert’s Joe Madden. Collectively, the
The Movandi BeamX platform includes BeamX software, BeamXR smart repeaters and RF front ends for fixed wireless CPEs, mobile devices, small cells and open radio access network (Open-RAN) applications.

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