My Worst Moment: Lewis Black and the Time a TV Network Decided He Wasn’t the Best Person to Play Himself | app

When comedian Lewis Black performs at upcoming shows, audiences will see a version of the upcoming comedy special he plans to film. “It’s all about the pandemic and how I reacted to it,” he said. “It’s the fastest I’ve ever done on a stage. It usually takes a few years, sometimes three. And I really started when I hit the road and started touring last December.

Black is known for his rants (you can watch many of his collected rantcasts on his YouTube channel) but at the end of each show, Black also reads the rants sent in by fans. “I’ve been doing this after the show for a while.” Because he toured so much, did he find the rants regional or fairly universal? “Some towns seem to be more irritated than others, where you kind of go wow.”

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