NBN replaced over 21,000 FttC login devices in six weeks to mid-November


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When the summer weather begins to hit Australia’s east coast, those connected to Fiber to the Curb (FttC) should prepare for electronic frying thanks to lightning activity.

In an update to figures it revealed to Senate estimates in May, where it had replaced nearly 48,000 FttC connection devices from November 2020 to March 2021, NBN said it had now replaced 99,226 devices. NBN Co (NCD) login from December 1, 2020 to November 11, 2021.

“Between October 1, 2021 and November 11, 2021, NBN Co replaced a total of 21,424 devices. This includes replacements following multiple severe weather events in Australia’s eastern states in October,” did he declare.

“FttC NCDs…can be replaced for a wide variety of reasons, including customers removing the device when they move house, new devices being automatically provided when a customer changes providers, and accidental damage to the premises. ”

The company also said it had sought scientific advice on the lightning problem and that the NSW Blue Mountains had a higher than normal NCD failure rate.

“The Blue Mountains region has high levels of electrical storm activity and a geological makeup that can affect grounding mechanisms,” he said.

On the other hand, the number of complete fiber optic network termination devices due for replacement was 5616 from the beginning of the year until November 11.

During the July storms that hit Victoria and forced network outages, NBN said there were just over 200,000 services affected, with 39.2% on cable, a further 39.2% on fiber to the node or fiber to the basement, 13.8% were on landline wireless, 6.2% had full fiber, and 1.7% were fiber to the curb.

Elsewhere in its responses, NBN said it has 640,880 brownfields in its fiber-to-the-basement (FttB) footprint, and while full fiber is the default for new buildings in more than 20 premises, the FttB is sometimes deployed at a customer. demand and FttB’s total new build figure is below 2%.

The company also said it had 83,356 Sky Muster customers and 29,482 Sky Muster Plus customers at the end of September, with Plus customers averaging 159GB each in September, which includes uplink data and descending.

For the year to October 31, the NBN said 9.3% of all scheduled appointments were missed.

“In many of these cases, the technician arrived earlier or later than the stipulated time and still completed the job the same day. The number also includes some cases where bad weather limited the ability to complete the job. work,” he said.

“The number of missed appointments has steadily decreased month-on-month since May 21 despite adverse weather conditions in September/October, which may limit the ability to reach site on time and complete work. .”

In June, the NBN launched a call for expressions of interest from government agencies to participate in its A$300 million regional co-investment fund.

As of October 21, it had A$29 million in proposals underway, with 250 requests from local councils and state governments for cost estimates, and 21 projects won.

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