Network outage at Tenet Healthcare affecting some hospitals in Palm Beach County

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — John Rodriguez went to Good Samaritan Hospital on Tuesday with atrial fibrillation, and he was just discharged a few hours ago.

He said that at the hospital he realized something was wrong at first when he noticed the WiFi not working.

“Doctors and nurses had to walk out of hospitals to use their phones because they couldn’t use them indoors,” he said.

WPTV confirmed a network outage involving telephone and computer systems at St Mary’s Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital. Sources indicate that WPTV paper mapping is being used due to the breakdown in technology.

Rodriguez said nurses used paper to chart her vital signs instead of a computer.

At one point, Rodriquez said he saw a nurse drop off a stack of paperwork. He said it made him a little nervous.

“It’s because they might mess up and give me the wrong medicine or something,” he said.

WPTV contacted Tenet Healthcare, the parent company of the two hospitals, for an explanation.

A spokesperson sent the following statement on Wednesday:

“We are currently experiencing a network outage. With strong backup procedures in place, patient care continues uninterrupted while we resolve the issue.”

Rodriguez said the situation did not change when he left.

“I left there at 20 minutes to 5 and they were still down,” Rodriguez said.

It was unclear Friday night how the outage might impact patient care. WPTV has requested an update but has not yet received a response from Tenet Healthcare.

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