NEXCOM’s new cybersecurity device improves data transfer efficiency

TAIPEI, September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NEXCOM, a leading network appliance vendor, announces a new addition to its well-established lineup cyber security range of products with a 1U rackmount – NSA 5190. In addition to presenting the last 12e Gen Intel® Core™ processor and the highly anticipated PCIe 4.0 interface, NSA 5190 offers enhanced memory capacity and security.

The pandemic and its consequences have disrupted all spheres of people’s lives. Business meetings, small casual talks all have moved online, leading to the tremendous growth of digital data. Massive work from home and home entertainment is a new reality, which is unlikely to return to the old ways in the near future.

Meanwhile, as technology evolves and data increases, information must travel securely from point to point in accelerated mode. This is especially true for companies in the Fintech circle, which must constantly update their IT update cyber security standards, if not above.

NEXCOM offers the most efficient way to meet the challenges of this new digital reality. Powered by the latest Intel® Core™ processor, the NSA 5190 can easily handle larger data volumes and heavier workloads. LAN module slots with PCIe 4.0 interface enable double data transfer speeds compared to the previous interface. A total of four slots can adapt dedicated LAN modules to achieve the necessary configuration.

NSA 5190 is equipped with an edge connector to fit a variety of add-on and add-on cards cyber security improvement by installing the TPM module. Its flexible design makes the NSA 5190 ideal for common network applications including SD-WAN, web monitoring, load balancing, and network virtualization.


Founded in 1992 and based in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM integrates its diverse capabilities and operates six global businesses, including the Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) unit. NCS focuses on the latest network technologies and helps build reliable network infrastructure, providing professional design and manufacturing services to customers around the world. NCS network application platform is widely adopted in cyber security Appliance, Load Balancer, uCPE, SD-WAN, Edge Computing, Storage, NVR and other network applications for businesses of all sizes.


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