ohq2quarto – Rust-based CLI for turning observable laptops into Quarto projects

The previous post contained some hacky R code to retrieve seekrit JSON data in ObservableHQ (OHQ) Notebooks and spitting out a directory with a qmd Quarto and all associated FileAttachments. True to my “no more generic public R packages” edict, that’s all the R code for this utility is going to get.

Quarto, by design, is not married to the R ecosystem. This should help it get more traction in and out of the broader data science crowd than R Markdown could not reach. An important element that makes Quarto appealing to me is that it comes with the Observable and stdlib execution. Observable javascript tools make it fun to code responsive data visualizations and analytics, but I still don’t like using a browser for data science work. I much prefer using Quarto {ojs} sections in an appropriate editor/IDE when iterating on a concept.

I also learn best by example-first -> experiment-second. So far I have done examples and experiments at OHQ. When I found out that the OHQ notebook code and metadata came with the notebook HTML page (in a JSON

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