Phones dominate, but these popular devices are seeing huge growth

We love to talk about Starlink, but this fledgling satellite broadband service still has miles to go before it becomes a household name like Comcast, which has seen nearly a billion devices connect to its broad Xfinity and Wi-Fi network. Fi in 2021, according to a new report.

Comcast had 31 million Xfinity customers in the summer of 2021, or 40% of the nation’s high-speed internet subscriptions, according to Statista. Almost all of these people have Wi-Fi at home, and many use equipment provided by Comcast. The company keeps tabs on the type of products attached to this equipment and includes the information in its Wi-Fi Trends Report.

The first impressive statistic is the number of Wi-Fi connected devices in Xfinity homes last year, as shown above. It was close to one billion, or 12 times the number of devices Comcast counted in 2018.

The breakdown of gadget types shows smartphones at the top – they make up a third of all devices, at 347 million. That’s a 23x increase, but it has nothing to do with the 93x increase for smart exercise equipment. The number jumped to 814,000 in 2021 as people working remotely during COVID-19 connected new Peloton bikes, Mirror fitness machines, and more.

Streaming media devices have increased 14 times since 2018 to 119 million, and gaming consoles have increased 15 times from 2018 to 36.7 million.

Streaming and gaming

Forty-five percent of respondents said that the Wi-Fi connectivity is more important than transport, and 59% said they spent money in the past year to improve their WiFi at home.

Comcast also reports that its parental controls have been used by more than 1 million customers, who have leveraged the feature to schedule offline time for children – they have completed 100 million full pauses/resumes on select Wi-Fi devices. to cut children’s Internet access at a moment’s notice.

You can read the full report in PDF format directly from Comcast.

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