Reading Security Tea Leaves APIs for 2022

Just as the global pandemic persists in redefining the new normal, so too do businesses’ increasing investments in digital transformation initiatives to stay ahead of their competition. Apis are the engine that helps drive these digital transformations, from innovating new services across multiple platforms to continuously challenging services supported by cloud-native apps and journeys.

In January 2022, Imperva commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess API adoption and usage and API Security technology in midsize to large enterprise organizations worldwide. We all know that cybersecurity is a community effort, as pointed out by the World Economic Forum. Download the report (Click here to get the report) and understand why 78% of enterprises understand the importance of APIs to stay competitive in the market, but also face challenges balancing API adoption with comprehensive security solutions. Additional insights from policy makers and security experts highlight the need for increased security alongside increased API adoption as developers want to increase their understanding of APIs while prioritizing API security.

Along with this report, we have also planned a webinar on May 3, 2022. Join us for this webinar and discover:

  • Global key insights into the balance between API opportunity and cost via survey responses and customer conversations
  • Introducing top recommendations for companies looking to secure APIs
  • Discuss vendor selection criteria on what to look for in an API security solution resulting from this research

To hear from two industry experts on API security and insights from a global survey of your peers, go to the following link to register.

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