Report: Critical IT Assets Must Be Protected Beyond Standard Network Security

ASHBURN, Va., November 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Telos® company, a leading provider of cybersecurity, cloud and enterprise security solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations, today unveiled new findings from a study conducted by the firm Vanson Bourne independent research that explores how organizations approach the protection of networks and critical IT assets.

The study, which surveyed 250 IT, IT security, legal, and risk / fraud / compliance professionals, found that almost all organizations (99%) believe an attack on their assets critical IT would impact not only on their organization but also on society. in general. Perhaps more worryingly, most respondents (83%) said they had suffered a successful cyberattack in the past two years, with half indicating that the attackers were successful in reaching their critical IT assets.

The results suggest that, as the cyber threat landscape continues to grow in danger and complexity, organizations need to take concerted action to protect their computer networks. This is particularly true when it comes to critical assets, particularly in the banking, financial services and insurance sectors; health care and life sciences; energy and utilities; Kindergarten to Grade 12 education; and higher education sectors, where lost or stolen IT assets could have devastating consequences for an organization, its customers and society at large.

The main findings of the report include:

  • 99% believe they need to improve their ability to prevent an attacker from gaining access to critical assets once they have entered the network.
  • 95 percent of those who have segmented and protected their critical IT assets believe the assets are better protected this way.
  • Yet 93% believe that the tools they currently use to protect their segmented assets are insufficient to defend their organization against cyber threats.
  • An overwhelming majority (86%) admitted to being kept awake at night by concerns about protecting critical IT assets.

“As hackers and threats continue to gain sophistication, the importance of locking down critical IT assets is clearer than ever, but current security approaches fall short of achieving this goal,” said Tom Badders, senior product manager at Telos. “Now is the time for organizations to consider a different approach – and the best way to protect critical assets is to hide them entirely. “

Providing a way forward in today’s threat landscape, nearly all (99%) of respondents who were kept awake at night by concerns about protecting critical IT assets agree they would sleep better if they could hide their network assets by eliminating IP addresses. , making them invisible on the public Internet via network obfuscation. In fact, 36% of organizations are very concerned that their organization will experience an attack on its critical IT assets within the next 6 months; however, among those who use network obfuscation tools, this figure drops to 24%.

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Telos appointed an independent research firm Vanson Bourne to survey 250 IT, IT security, legal, and risk / fraud / compliance professionals involved in securing their corporate network. Conducted in August and September 2021, respondents were from organizations with 500 or more employees in the banking, financial services and insurance industries; health care; energy, oil and gas and utilities; Kindergarten to Grade 12 education; and the higher education sectors.

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Vanson Bourne is an independent market research specialist for the technology sector. Our reputation for strong and credible research-based analysis is built on rigorous research principles and our ability to solicit the opinions of high-level decision-makers in all technical and business functions, in all industries and all the main markets. For more information visit

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