Report: NFL drops COVID protocols

This is another positive step towards a return to normal life routines overall, but the memo also stressed that teams should still adhere to any local and state measures that may be in place. . Clubs can also continue to maintain any restrictions they deem necessary at their particular headquarters, if they wish. That said, for the most part, starting today, teams no longer need to require their staff to:

wear masks (regardless of vaccination status),

undergo a compulsory COVID test, regardless of the individual’s vaccination status,

wear tracking devices to monitor social distancing,

· limit their number in congregation areas such as weight rooms and other team facilities.

These and other measures have been in place for most of the past two years, and the NFL has reserved the right to reinstate these and any other protocols that may be required in the future, should current trends change. suddenly for the worse. But with reported cases now declining in the United States and the overall severity of the disease appearing to be waning, life in the 2022 NFL season could look a lot more like 2019 and other BC (pre-COVID) years.

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