Security tightened in Delhi for Independence Day celebrations

August 15, 2022

NEW DELHI – Strict security measures have been put in place near Red Fort and other parts of the nation’s capital ahead of Independence Day celebrations on Monday.

The Delhi Police are making every effort to ensure impregnable security in the nation’s capital for the occasion by keeping an eye out for potential terrorist modules and “anti-social elements” in the city, the police have informed.

Police said vigilance along Delhi’s eight borders as well as the city’s bustling markets, the Red Fort has been enhanced with many layers of protection as the entries received from the international border are not only specific but are considered strong enough. .

For enhanced security during the Independence Day program, police personnel deployed an anti-drone system to provide protection against drone attacks. This anti-drone system was manufactured by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics (BEL).

The Red Fort is protected by a radar system to ensure its safety against drones, as this is another threat apart from technological security hazards. Police personnel are also learning ways to deal with suspicious objects flying in the sky, police said.

Police received particularly strong security alerts in Delhi on August 15.

Intelligence agencies issued a high alert for a terror attack in the city on Monday. He was informed that based on the interrogation with the arrested terrorists in different states including Punjab, a number of drones from the Pakistani border – carrying numerous Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) – reached various parts of the country .

In another alert, it was revealed that deadly weapons including pistols, hand grenades and AK 47s were sent to India with the help of drones from Pakistan.

Police further citing intelligence forces said that terrorists may also lead to several lone wolf attacks on Independence Day. When attacking, a single person can attack the crowd with a sharp weapon or a large vehicle.

Police have completely banned the flying of kites (as long as the Independence Day program continues) around the Red Fort after the warning about a terrorist attack via a flying object like a kite was issued to the police by the agencies.

The Delhi police have also received another request to be vigilant because some suspicious objects placed with the crutches can attack the Fort, hence the recommendation of the police to ensure very rigorous screening.

“Terrorist groups, namely SFJ, Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), ISIS Khurasan Module are planning to carry out a massive attack on August 15,” the intelligence agencies informed the police.

The police also keep a watchful eye on suspicious activity and people, as the terrorist modules also involve local criminals.

This year, special types of alarm cameras are being installed around the Red Fort, which are beginning to alert police personnel stationed nearby of any suspicious movement.

Besides 250 eminent persons expected at Red Fort on Monday, nearly 8,000 to 10,000 people are likely to attend the program, which is why the police have installed 1,000 high-resolution quality cameras in nearby areas.

The Delhi Police Special Cell successfully screened the pictures of around 1,000 suspicious people, anti-national elements and terrorists to the other police unit, to ensure that each unit and department remain cautious.

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