Shin Etsu Chemical: develops new innovative materials for portable devices

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) has developed innovative electrophysiological dry electrodes and high elasticity wiring materials, which will be used to help achieve superior performance characteristics for the next generation. portable devices. These portable devices allow the measurement and remote transmission of a person’s biological electrical signals, including vital signs such as heart rate and electrocardiogram (ECG) waveform, while a person is wearing the device on his body. They are used to help people improve their health and fitness and will aid in the earlier diagnosis and management of chronic disease.
By using these new Shin-Etsu materials, the function, fit and usability of a wearable device are greatly improved. This helps provide a better quality of life for users who wear the devices.

As awareness of the need for better health management and the need for home medical treatment grows, the possibilities of measuring a person’s biological electrical signals using these advanced wearable devices are growing. In particular, in the case of using smart “health patches”, because people wear them directly on their skin for more than 24 hours while the device is obtaining biosignal data, a certain level of stress is present. created because it can become uncomfortable for the wearer. In addition, when the measurement period is long, up to a week, the process of obtaining the biosignal data may become unstable. In order to solve these problems, Shin-Etsu Chemical has recently developed the following innovative materials:

1) Dry electrophysiological electrodes
We developed the materials for the electrophysiological dry electrodes in order to obtain biosignal data for a portable device.
The silicone-based electrode is superior in biocompatibility and its characteristics are as follows:

(A) Better wearing feeling:
Shin-Etsu’s silicone material adapts to the skin and makes the skin very unlikely to get irritated, and at the same time, by making the thickness about as thin as a human hair, it becomes soft and flexible in that you don’t feel like you’re wearing the device.

(B) Signal acquisition performance:
By optimizing the adhesiveness of the silicone, the dry electrophysiological electrodes will allow the device to track and track the movement of the wearer and achieve the acquisition of stable EKG signals.

(C) Water repellent property:
Due to the original water-repellent property of silicone, while wearing the device, it is possible to take a bath, which was not possible with the use of an existing gel-type electrode.

The health patch developed by Holst Center Co. (in the Netherlands) which uses the electrophysiological dry electrodes has these characteristics that allow the acquisition of stable biosignal data, even when a person wears the device continuously for a week. .

2) Highly stretchable wiring material
This is a wiring material for transmitting the acquired biosignal data to the signal processing device. For wiring the health patch, expandability that follows the movement of the wearer is required. Even after repeated stretching tests, it has maintained conductivity, and it is the most suitable health patch material that has the strength to endure long hours of wearing.

The health patch using these Shin-Etsu materials was presented by Holst Center Co., at the MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum), the innovation and networking forum for the healthcare industry held from 14-17. November in Düsseldorf, Germany.

By providing materials that contribute to the advancement of wearable devices, Shin-Etsu Chemical works with our customers to reduce the anxiety level of people facing health issues and to make medical care more efficient, and we will strive to contribute to the achievement of a society where people can live longer and healthier lives.

Innovative materials newly developed by Shin-Etsu Chemical are used for this wearable “health patch”.
(The black colored parts are the electrophysiological dry electrodes, and the gold lines connecting them are the highly stretchable wiring.)

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